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Top 9 Smart and handy tips for busy and working mothers

working3If your baby has started her schooling, then no one else can know the value of vacations more than you. Vacations are near and hope your trips would be planned.I was going through few lists, which I often make before starting packing my stuff. So, today I am sharing the list, which is very important and contains all those items which you cannot leave, if you are planning for an exciting trip. Yes! this relates to the most important member of the family, for whom everyone is concerned, a baby. Here is a list of all those things which you should not miss.

  1. Sanitizers
    Hope I need not to tell you the importance of this. Kids always prefer snacks while travelling and it’s tough to wash their hands after every 5-10 minutes, in such situation sanitizing their hands is the best available option.
  2. Extra Carry bags
    You never know when they start playing in mud or water, in this case extra bags always carry those extra dirty clothes.
  3. Wet tissues
    After sanitizer I find wet tissue most life saving thing with kids. You can easily clean your baby’s chocolate layered hand with these wet tissues, without moving from your seat.
  4. Extra Diapers and towels
    working7I always carry extra diapers and towels while travelling with my 2 year baby. I know they need extra baggage, but always ready for the situation where you will not get store to buy them.
  5. Umbrella
    If you are visiting a place where rain always surprises you, then must carry a raincoat or umbrella.
  6. Goggles / cap

    Especially if you have a hyperactive baby, carry a set of cap and goggles for her. Whenever kids go to a new place they used to explore things, in such situation and soft cap will help them if it’s too hot outside.

  7. Eatable

    I know you will carry this, but it was in the list so I mentioned it here. 8 Necessary and effective life hack for parents of a boy child

  8. Game/Toys
    It’s essential to carry some toys ,color books and crayons with kids, which can engage them in a long journey.
  9. First aid medicines
    Kids often get infected from sudden weather changes. So carry basic medicines and first aid equipment for a safe journey.

Please comment that extra item which I missed in my list. Share with your friends if you find it useful for your colleagues and friends.
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