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Step By Step guide to secure your Facebook Account from hackers

If you are a person who login twice to logout properly on your social networking account, then we have something interesting for you here. There is always something which needs to be checked twice. So, this fear is common with everyone. We upload, share and send lots of things to our friends during the day. I must tell you here that only logging out of your account doesn’t make it fully secure.

Some steps you must follow to ensure the security of your social networking account.

  1. Alerts!
    face6It is common for every account. You can enable alert for every new device logging. It means whenever your account will be logged in from any new device you will get an alert on your phone and email.

    Action Required Urgently :- Just change your password
    To Enable Login Notification
    Go to Home -> Account Settings -> Security and login -> Setting up extra Security.
    Select your preferred option and click Save Changes button.
  2. Never click on suspicious links ever either it is received from any friend or a company. Use your commonsense to judge a content before clicking it.
  3. Every time you login to your Facebook account, you can check your active sessions. Check active sessions through
    Home-> Account Settings-> Security->Active Sessions.
    Change your password for safety.
  4. Don’t accept a friend request from someone whom you don’t know. Most of the time spammers create fake accounts to post malicious data.
  5. Block
    You can block anyone on from your Facebook friend list who is bothering you.
  6. URL
    Check your URL before entering username and password. Hackers often make a similar URL for hacking your password details. For example could be written as by a small typo. So be careful always.
  7. Enable Secure Browsing to make your account more secure.
    Go to Home-> Account Settings -> Security -> Secure Browsing.
  8. Never share your password with anyone.
  9. Permissions
    You can control what will be visible to others, on your profile. You can manage permissions according to your wish.
    Home -> Privacy 

These are few steps, you can explore settings tab for more available options. Comment if you got any new one which can save others too.
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