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13 Epic formula to make your flight journey amazing

Either we have to attend an important meeting or need to travel, outdoor for vacations, we always prefer flights if they have some cheap and exciting offers. Nowadays almost every airline is giving best offers which are similar to train journey, in fact sometimes less than that. If time is money, then it suited best for people whose presence make them earn money. Today we are going to discuss some incredible flight hacks, which will help you to make your journey more exciting.

  1. Never hesitate to ask for free stuff
    I am sure we all love free stuff, then why feel shy in asking for that. You have paid for your travel, which include fees for all other benefits they provide while you traveling. Feel free to ask for your free stuff in your journey.Top 9 Smart and handy tips for busy and working mothers
  2. Efficient use of zippers and Fragile tag

    They are cheaper than locks. They provide more safety to your luggage, while transferring it to different places. Place a fragile tag on your bag to give it a VIP treatment.

  3. Clean Socks and comfortable shoes

    Yes! it makes you feel more fresh during the journey. Wear shoes which can easily remove, especially shoes without laces gives you more freedom. Well! I think clean socks give everyone else good feel when you remove your shoes.

  4. Chewing gum

    Eat something which helps you to swallow saliva to equalize takeoff and landing both.Society needs gentleman: 15 Strongly recommended things to be a gentleman

  5. Portable battery charger

    Don’t spend all time thinking about your seat location, just carry a portable mobile charger and watch your favorite movie in your phone.

  6. Wear extra Jackets

    These extra clothes always help you to deal with weather changes when you depart from the flight. If required you can use them as a pillow too.

  7. Food and drinks
    flight10Before sleeping request the staff to be waked up for food and drinks they offer to passengers.
  8. Security checks

    Never ever joke with those strict security officers. They find you more suspicious if you try to be extra funny and smart to them.

  9. Compensation
    If unfortunately you lost your baggage and you are getting late for an important meeting, then you can ask for a reimbursement.
  10. Deal with jet lag
    Get a good sleep before you fly. Split up a long trip, so that your body comfortably accepts Timezone changes. Eat right and move regularly for a good blood circulation. Read something and keep your electronic gadgets aside before landing to a new time zone.
  11. Less baggage more fun
    Carry only those things which are actually essential for you. Make a list of all those items which you can not buy during the trip and you can’t live without that. If you want to utilize 100% space of your bag roll clothes rather than folding them.
  12. Avoid alcoholic drinks
    Everyone loves free stuff, but I think you should avoid drinking alcohol in flight if you cannot handle it properly.
  13. Spot your luggage
    Try to use different color bags than black so that you can spot it easily. I prefer to tie a ribbon on its handle so that I can spot it easily.

I am sure you have something new to add to this list, so don’t hesitate, just comment that beautiful idea in the comment box below.

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