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A lady proved babies give you more strength and power to be the best

In present time when we can easily see jokes on engineers. I got a chance to meet an engineer who is breaking the prototype of being an engineer. Most of us consider engineer a person with specs, doing overtime in the office, fixing problems, drunk on weekends and lying in bed after office in a messy house always thinking about appraisals.
But NO! meet a really different personality. I am sure you will get benefited from her real and amazing experiences. She is really a role model for many other ladies who are mother, wife, engineer, daughter in law and much more at the same time. She is “PRAGYA

 Birth and Childhood like free bird in the sky
While introducing herself with a smile she tells with a smile on her face
“Born on 10th Dec With Sagittarius, what you see is what you get, there is no faking anything .”
Remembering her childhood, she explains like a kid with full excitement on her face
“I was born in such a small town where there were no fast food restaurants and milk dairy was the only to consider one. Where the whole lake / river was a swimming pool. Where you can’t stop smiling, walking on the streets, because everyone was known. Where I spent my whole childhood. I am blessed to be a small town girl because it made me who I am . It is Seoni Malwa in Madhya Pradesh”.

Qualifications and hobbies
She is a Masters in computer applications and now working in reputed MNC in Delhi, India. Like all other working mothers, she occasionally get free time, but whenever she finds that ME time she loves cooking for her family, shopping alone and visit a parlor.

People who consider health and fitness as a last priority annoys her. There are lots of people we meet, who inspires us at different stages of life.
So for Pragya
Professionally – her manager from first job – she learnt a lot from him like How to handle every situations, both technical and behavioral , relationship with your team , work life balance and everything .
In her own words, “Tarun is the one who introduces running in my life some 4 years back and i am so thankful to him that its become my passion now. “

In office
She is a Project Manager in IT firm and its 12 years now in this profession. From technical things to time management to people management , she has now mastered in tackling office stress and work.

She thanks God for her lovely family and friends. Which includes her husband, he is the one who always support her and helps her for whatever she wanted to achieve. She adds,”I am blessed with the huge support of my husband at home , we have started dividing the household chores. He is a big supporter and motivator for me , all this is possible because of him.”

She says,”Make a friend who believes in you and will support you till the end.The ones who will push you to be better and make your dream bigger. ” These lines define her dearest buddies – Preeti, Tarun, Kamal, Amitesh.

MOM Actually Super MOM
Most important role, which requires lots of power, patience, care and love. She shares,” I gained hell like weight after having my baby, some are natural but more with my carelessness , I was so demotivated with huge weight, but once anything reached to its extreme, you need to be worried and that extreme came soon.
I joined the gym, running , cycling and all possible fitness activities and committed to my plan. The only challenge I faced was time management  my kid is small and dependent, can’t leave him alone and go out to do this , 9 hours of job – how to manage time for all this ? “

Things which worked for her
She says, “I have changed my son to sleep early so that I can complete all my tasks on time and wake up early in the morning. My morning, usually starts at 4:00 AM and till the time my son awakes I return back to home after finishing exercise.

Routine and diet
Running is my passion. I do not watch that much TV so nothing particularly most favorite. But I like comedies and F.R.I.E.N.D..S is my all time favorite. 

Since she follows a strict fitness routine , so she can’t have sweets with artificial sugar. Her recent love is fruits and yogurt in any form.

Running : the best exercise
In her words,”I have no serious background to begin when i took up running. My initial days were all about solo running with no clue of techniques, nutrition etc.. I started facing challenges of pain and injuries due to lack of knowledge and that pushed me back into a boring fitness routine at the gym. Then I joined some friends and a fitness group . Learnt a lot from my fellow runners about building fitness, diet, serious routine, etc. I built and gained confidence to run 10 km , half marathons and started dreaming of doing a marathon. It’s been 3 + years that I took up fitness routine and have done many runs , a marathon. “

She says “Don’t stop until you are insanely proud of yourself. Believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities. “

She is having so many achievements in these 4 year span – Marathon, many half marathons, 6 hr running, mountain cycling, recently did her first 100 km of cycle.

She says, “I want to change the commutation system of India to make the traffic conditions better. I feel each of us are responsible for this terrible traffic here . Say for example We should not take out our car for shorter distances instead use public facility or on cycle or on foot. Cycling to work should be promoted. Car pooling, sharing , public transports should be in place. I have already started using cycle to work place, at least in a week.”A small change that can make a big difference in our country

Lessons Learned: Precious advice for youngsters

  • Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desire and ambitions.
  • Stay focused and committed to your aspirations.
  • Early to bed and early to rise.
  • Switch off all your social media before going to bed (I do it daily at sharp 9:00 PM).
  • Eat healthy – clean eating , drink lot of water.
  • Do not take stress , involve into sports or some fitness activity, at least for 30 mins daily.

So ladies she is a live example. Everything can be managed and achieved just try once. She suggests everyone, “Before anything else your body comes first, take care of your health and invest some time in fitness.”





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