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9 Most effective tactics of time management from leading lady managers

lmanage2We all complain in our daily life that we don’t have enough time. But friends achievers and losers both get 24 hours a day. The difference between them is all about time management. So today we are going to share a few time management tried and tested tricks from real managers. They are playing multiple roles from morning to evening a mother, wife, friend, manager and much more.

  1. Don’t compromise with your sleep
    Take a quality sleep before you wake up in the morning. Sleep at least 6-7 hours, it varies from person to person. Listen to your body and never compromise with a sleep , if you relax properly, you will feel more active to work more quickly  and easily.
  2. Priority List
    Your whole focus should be on your current assigned task. Concentrate on the task that is in your hand like nothing else exist, this way without diverting your mind you can finish it early.
  3. Stay away from distractions
    TV/ internet / social media – Every second spent on these can be one of the biggest waste. Pragya, a manager in a MNC says,” There is a rule in my home , no TV, social media beyond 9:00 PM.” Make such rule to have more productive time .
  4. Health is wealth
    Exercising and eating healthy food always energizes body as well as mind, which allows you to focus more easily on your work. Spend at least 30 mins daily for your health.
  5. Planning matters
    Make a note, to do list , date and time for it and stick to it, be committed and follow through. Do some homework the night before your meeting or presentation and don’t forget to make a note of first thing in the morning.
  6. Task Assignments to the team
    The team is all about load balancing and manager plays an important role in this. Be it office or home always see for the opportunity to share responsibilities to others . For example at home my husband does all chores for my son to get him ready while I prepare meal for him.
  7. Have patience and enjoy the work
    Let your team enjoy working with you. Relax, take a deep breath and smile with your team.
  8. Read faces
    I know it’s not your job, but whenever you are engaged in any office related conversation with your team, make sure that everybody is properly listening to you. Make them, feel free to ask questions to you.
  9. Separate home and office life
    Make sure your professional life is unaffected from your personal life. I know it is not very easy, but try to focus on the place where you are present.

These were very effective tips. I am sure these are easy to try and makes life easy. Share this with your friends and colleagues. Comment if you have any new line to add to this list.
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