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11 Best dental hygiene tips from dentists for your kid’s stronger tooth

This post is very useful for you if you see your baby’s tooth more than her lovely smile. If you don’t want to visit a dentist and really confused about when, how to start brushing your baby tooth. Being a mother, I can understand your worries and very well correlate with them. Here is a problem of your solution.
I recently met one of my lovely friend and dentist Ritu. She is an MDS and helping people from last 9 years to save their smile with original tooth.

Go through her valuable advice to save your babies from dental problems.
  1. Introduce brushing a fun
    Make it a fun activity for them. It will develop their interest to learn it by themselves easily.
  2. Right time to start brushing
    Answering this question she says,”Brushing should be started as early as tooth erupts and before that gum pad need to be cleaned with wet cotton.”
  3. Rinsing is important
    Teach them basic rinsing and starting it early will be a good practice.
  4. Brush type
    dental6It is very important to use the right type of brush for your kids. Use ultra soft bristle brush and you can add different shapes and cartoon based brushes of your kiddo choice.
  5. Paste type and quantity
    Prefer non fluoridated paste that does not contain fluorides as they are safe if they swallow that. Use a small pea size of the paste on the brush. Ask them to not swallow it in any case.
  6. How to brush
    Show them by example, like you brush with them and show every step. Show them circular motion for few second in each direction inside their mouth. You can add a rhyme for making it interactive for them.
  7. Duration matters
    1 minute brushing with right stroke will be good for saving their deciduous (milk) teeth.
  8. Clean tongue
    Make sure you clean their tongue every time after brushing. It saves them from many diseases. You can use a soft tongue cleaner or soft brush.
  9. How many times in 24 hours
    According to Ritu, “Brushing twice daily is okay for a healthy set of  primary and permanent teeth both”.
  10. Visit to dentist
    It is very important to visit your dentist regularly. Kids tend to face more dental problem if their parents have also faced dental issues.
  11. Leafy greens
    Add leafy greens and foods which are rich source of vitamin C  , D and K in their diet for a healthy smile.
At lasts she adds, ” Motivate them for brushing and tell them the importance of healthy teeth, which tends to a healthy life.
Share your ideas for “how to make brushing a fun activity for kids?”.


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