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13 Natural and fantastic celebrity tips to slow down aging

Hey Natasha! Is he your son? Oh! you don’t seem like a mother.
Who don’t like such complements?
Almost all of us love to look young and healthy. We often see many people for whom, age is just a number. I have seen my granny, my mother, few of my colleagues and many other people who looks 10-12 years younger than their actual age.

Almost all of us love to look young and healthy. We often see many people for whom, age is just a number. I have seen my granny, my mother, few of my colleagues and many other people who looks 10-12 years younger than their actual age.
Nowadays there are lots of things which increase our beauty and helps us to look more younger. I personally believe in natural methods, which gives you long time results without so much money. To be a better version of you only requires your bit effort and interest.
Today we are here with 13 natural ways which will help you to look younger and healthier than before.

  1. Waterage3Most easily available and very basic requirements. If you want to maintain elasticity of your skin, flush those toxins from your body then drink more water.5 Things you need to know before drinking water in plastic bottle
  2. Be positiveage4Stress is one of the major causes of visibility of aging on your face. Thinking positively about any problem helps you to solve it early. It reduces your stress level. Deep analysis of any situation and meditation helps you to stay positive and helps your brain to be calm.9 Magical ways to stay positive in every situation
  3. Never forget your hobbyage5Give some time in a day for your hobby. Solve puzzles, learn any new language, read any book or do whatever which could give some exercise to your brain. At the age of 80 my granny still seems interested in learning new things and reading books.
  4. Meeting with friendsage1Be in contact with your friends you like. Plan a lunch or dinner with them and spend some quality time with them. If it’s tough to manage then talk to your neighbors and you will feel only a few minutes talking will create a good bond between you.
  5. Beauty sleepslmanage3I often write about adequate sleep in my different blogs. So I think here need not to mention the benefits of 7-8 hour of quality sleep. Have a good night sleep at the right time and stay young for a long time.
  6. Moisturizeage6Don’t forget to clean, tone and moisturize your face daily. The market is filled with different moisturizers, you can buy any of them according to your interest.
  7. Big No to refined Sugarage7Cut those white sugar crystals and cubes from your diet. Excess sugar dramatically speeds up our aging process.
  8. Exerciseage2You can start with simple walking or jogging. There are many ways to boost up your stamina and immunity. You can select from yoga, aerobics, dance or anyone which suits you best.
  9. Prefer healthy over junkage8Eat healthy food and avoid junk food as much as possible. Food enriched with vitamins and proteins helps you to stay healthy and fit.
  10. Drink green teaage9I personally drink green tea daily post pregnancy and realized that my digestion is improved. It also helped me to lose that extra weight.
  11. Natural Productsage13Prefer more natural products and cosmetics for a long time results and safety of your skin.
  12. Laughage10Spend some time in kids park or watch any comedy show of your interest and laugh loudly from the bottom of your heart. It increases blood circulation in your body and makes you feel happy.
  13. Deep Breatheage11I don’t think I need to elaborate this point more as I have covered this in many other health and fitness blogs.

Do you follow any healthy daily routine? What you feel about getting younger day by day?

Hope these natural changes will help you to stay young for a long time. Share your views in the comment section, it encourages us to write better.

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