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11 Awesome things which are fading away due to modern technology

I am sure everyone can correlate with this post. If you really miss your childhood and college days, then I am sure you will correlate with these lines below.
I often think just a few years back the world was different, and we are really spending our lives in the shadow of technology.
We are here with the list of things which are faded away or fading very quickly.

  1. Cards
    Either it’s a marriage or any festival, we often used to give printed, designer cards to our dear ones. The hard copies of cards were often placed at any particular location in everyone’s home. In fact me and brother used to place received greeting cards in different folders.
  2. Floppy disks/ CD/ DVD
    These are faded away with time as pen drive with more space came into the market. If you are fond of music and movies I am sure you would have copied multiple tracks on CD and DVDs.
  3. Books
    The market is flooded with low cost data plans offered by different cellular companies. Due to this evolution now e books and PDF notes are better option for scholars.
  4. Privacy
    If you are on the internet in any way, you are being watched every time. Every click is recorded with time. In fact, if you are at any public place you are under CCTV surveillance, be alert:).
  5. Gathering and events
    Before in every gathering people used to talk to each other and enjoy every moment. Now they spend their time mostly in taking selfies and uploading them on social media.
  6. Stories
    Earlier grandmother’s used to tell stories to the kids in the family. Now you tube took that place. Kids also find this more attractive.
  7. Maps
    Earlier, before leaving the house we never forget to take a hard copy of the place we are going for adventure.
  8. News
    Hard copy of newspaper is now replaced with the tablets and mobile screens where we can easily see the latest e paper anytime.
  9. Radio
    After the popularity of online music listening apps now radios are lacking it’s usability.
  10. Letters
    Hand written letters can only be seen in dreams nowadays. Emails have taken their place everywhere.
  11. Interactions
    Face to face interactions with our dear ones is very rare now, weekend party is now replaced by group chat and video calls.

    Hope you all can correlate with these fading things. I am sure we all have enjoyed that old time and sometimes miss that too. 

Must share what you think about it.



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