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5 Super tricks to create a secure, memorable and strong password

IMG_20180523_181640.jpgEveryone says, “Your password must be strong”. But it’s really troublesome to remember and make password too frequent for different sites.
For example, my bank says change your password within 3 months where login and transaction passwords must be different. My social networking accounts like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc it all says to change your password frequently for secure browsing. My mail accounts also require same, for better security.
So, the most common problem I face after every month what should be my password now. Which must be easy to remember because I don’t want to write it anywhere, even not in my smartphone.
Today we are here with few awesome tricks which will help you to create a strong password.

  1. Length
    You password length should be greater than 7 characters. At the same time it must be easily memorable.
  2. Combinations
    Appending your date of birth or phone number in your password is not a good idea. Anyone can easily recognize these characters in your password. Avoid using  a sequential series like “XYZ”, “1234”.
  3. Phrase/Sentence is a good idea
    Use phrase instead of using words in your password like “It is really awesome password in 2018′ instead of using “password2018”.
  4. Space and special characters
    Use space in your password to make it more secure. You can replace ‘s’ with ‘$’ in your password.
  5. Don’t Save in the browser
    Avoid saving your username and password in your browser.

Hope all these tricks will be useful for you next time you change your password.

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