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9 Simple habits at your 30’s makes your 50’s easy and comfortable

age12This blog is actually a conversation we all do with our aging parents. I am a fitness freak, so always suggest my parents take care of their health. I talked to a few of my colleagues about what advice they would like to give to their elders. So here is a compilation of every sentence I heard from them.
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  1. Pen down your thoughts
    This suggestion was one of my colleague who is a professor in a college. It is always a great idea to keep a diary, write whatever you feel about your life, your day, anything. Making a habit of writing in an early age always helps you to overcome your loneliness, in a smart way.13 Epic formula to make your flight journey amazing
  2. Fix your routine and follow it carefully
    You must have a fixed routine till the age of 30, your breakfast, dinner, sleep time must be same daily. It encourages you to live a healthy lifestyle.11 Best dental hygiene tips from dentists for your kid’s stronger tooth
  3. Health Checkup
    There are plenty of offers available in the market for a complete body health checkup. You can select anyone from them which suits you better, but never underestimate your health, especially when you are above 30.
  4. Set your principles
    Like I will never take bribes in any case. So set up your principles to live a happy and successful life. Never compromise with your values.
  5. Stop being judgmental
    “She is wearing a short dress she must be characterless”, “He is smoking, he must be dishonest” change this habit if you start thinking anything about anyone you see.
  6. Develop a reading habit
    Read any literature at least 20 to 30 minutes a day. Reading will improve your skills to understand others in a better way. 11 Awesome things which are fading away due to modern technology
  7. Relations matter
    Take a break from work and spend that time with your dear ones. Trust me the time spend with your siblings or your elders always boost your mind and body. It will also strengthen your relationships.13 Smart tips to ensure your safety if you are walking alone
  8. Everyone is not thinking about you
    Everyone is busy thinking about themselves, so stop overthinking about your appearance and all. You are wrong if you think everyone is thinking about you only.
  9. Love yourself first
    Start loving yourself in every situation. It’s okay to blame yourself for the problems you face in life, but never ignore the love for the person you see while standing in front of a mirror. Set your priorities and work on them. You can read about Pragya, she is an inspiration for many.

These few habits are equally important for a lady and a man both. Start thinking about it before you really turned old. Share your old age planning tips with us.

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