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Window : Always shows a different view to everyone

This heart touching short story is about Riya.
It shows the mentality of our society towards a modern woman.

Riya shifted in her new flat. She was really excited about her new locality and neighbors. Luckily Riya’s husband was more like a friend to her. Her married life was really going well with two daughter.
Riya and her husband both noticed, someone from the front balcony always watches them doing household coarse together. Although they were extremely busy in their life that they didn’t take any action regarding this.window2

After a few days Riya’s daughter jumped from the upper shelf of the kitchen and hurt herself badly. Lady was still watching from the window, but she turned to her room silently after this event. Riya was shocked, how could someone be so insane. Although Riya called her husband and ambulance. Her daughter was fine after a few days.
A few days later she got an invitation of a small get together in her society. She went there and she was really shocked about the things she heard from others about herself. Every old lady was complaining her about her short dress inside her house, while young ladies were complimenting her for her loving and caring husband. But no one was showing sympathy for her ill daughter.
Riya was really surprised by this mentality of people around her. Why people outside don’t notice pain from window?


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