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15 life saving hacks for people who own a rented flat

Most of us stay away from our hometown, sometimes because of education or jobs or any other reason. In all such situations the basic thing we miss in any other country or city is our very own “sweet home”.
In a country like India rented flats are available easily and at a lower cost in comparison with other countries.
Many people around the world spent their whole life in rented flats. A cheaper rented flat, sometimes saves you from a trouble of buying and managing a new habitat for you.
Today widevisions is here with few mind-blowing hacks you must know if own a rented flat.

  1. Meter readings
    Never forget to note down the meter reading before shifting in the new house. Make it clear with landlord that no former dues are pending for water and electricity.
  2. Furniture
    rent3Fold able and assembled furniture is always a best option if you own a rented flat. These types of furniture give you the flexibility to easily shift flats frequently. 
  3. Clips

    Binder clips are such a wonderful really beautiful invention. It helps you organize your house very efficiently. From clothes, curtains and papers you can manage everything very easily with binder clips.

  4. Agents (Extra Fees)
    Spend some time in roaming in town, you want to shift. Notice all To Let boards and call on mentioned numbers. Try to talk to landlords directly, this way you can save extra fees which you need to pay to agents for their service.
  5. Good relationships with landlord
    rent9Maintain a healthy and happy relationship with your landlord. If your relationship is good with your landlord, you can easily tell your problems related to the flat to them for quick solutions.
  6. Energy saving hacks
    Read some energy-saving hacks in your house and use them in saving energy. 
  7. Roommates better than living alone
    For cost, saving you can search for room mate also. 
  8. Make a clear note of flaws and faults before taking room on rent, and discuss it with the landlord.
  9. Compare rates in the market
    Search different property sites and compare rates for your locality. Critically analyze space and facilities like parking, power backup, etc. for every flat then decide.
  10. Don’t show desperate side
    Every seller easily recognizes a desperate buyer. So don’t let them know that you will give any cost and need a flat very urgently.
  11. Use space efficiently
    Utilize every inch of the house. Every cabinet and drawer became more spacious if you put things in an organized way.
  12. Avoid too much decoration
    Big paintings, flower pots etc. are no doubts enhance your inside decor, but they always evoke a trouble while shifting house. This is my personal experience that it’s tough to pack costly big flower pots and move them.
  13. Maintain Cleanliness
    Many people say that it’s not our own house so why to spend so much time in cleanliness. Believe me a clean house shows your living standard and mindset. It also enhances your mood and keeps you healthy.
  14. Always pay for the damage
    If you have damaged something knowingly or unknowingly, pay for it. This little money will not fulfill your need for a lifetime, but will break your good relationship with your landlord.
  15. Avoid huge changes in the basic structure
    Keep in mind that it is not your own house so, don’t make huge changes in the basic structure. It’s okay to hang a curtain to separate hall from the open lobby, but removing or placing a wall is not a good idea.

At last a house is a place where you dream about your future and spend your present. Enjoy every moment with love and peace.
Hope these life saving hacks will help you save huge amount of money in your rented flat. Share your rented flat, hacks in comment box.


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