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Ultimate guide: how to use WhatsApp video call like a master?

Last week one of my friends tried to make a WhatsApp call to me and I was offline that time, but she thought I was not picking up the call. Imagine how bad she would be feeling about me. I explained her that I was offline, but she was unable to understand how it could be possible. So, friends, today we are here with some amazing things you must know if you use WhatsApp video calling frequently.

  1. How to make calls?
    For making a video call all you need is an internet connection. Just go to the contact you want to call on WhatsApp and click on the video icon shown in the below image.Screenshot_2018-07-26-23-48-08-496_com.whatsapp.png
  2. Receiving a call
    When someone video calls you, you’ll see an incoming WhatsApp video call screen as shown below.
    According to your wish, you can select any one from them.2018-07-26_23-41-14_219.jpg

    • Swipe first to decline a video call,.
    • Swipe second to accept a video call.
    • To decline a call with message swipe the last message icon upwards.
  3. Difference between ringing and calling
    If you are calling someone and screen is showing “Calling” it means the person whom you are calling is not online. They will receive a missed call notification whenever they will be online or open WhatsApp.
    If your screen is showing “Ringing” it means the person is online and able to hear a calling ring if the phone is not on silent mode.
  4. Video quality
    Video quality while video call depends on your data speed.
  5. Call Recording
    Yes, many third-party apps are available on play store which will help you to record your ongoing WhatsApp video call.
  6. Group video call soon
    Heard this news that WhatsApp will launch this feature soon, which will enable you to talk to more than 1 person at the same time.

Wish you a very happy calling to your dear ones. Mention in the comment box your experiences about this feature provided by WhatsApp.
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