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Why Indian TV shows suck, 11 Strong reasons?

“Exactly guys Indian TV shows really suck!”
This is the first thing my brain said to my other body parts when I watched one episode of  a daily soap on television last night with my mother.


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After that there happened a 20 minute conversation with my mom,”Why she watch such fake serials?”  Okay, first I tell some epic things which are shown in Indian TV shows only-

  1. Lead actress always suffers most throughout her life.
  2. She can marry any number of time.
  3. She is 24*7 well dressed and loaded with jewelry, even at night.
  4. Everyone in the family is to trouble a single lady and her happy married life.
  5. Anyone can join and stay in the family.
  6. People met with accident most of the return home after a plastic surgery.
  7. They stay young forever.
  8. A daughter in law is responsible for each and everything happening in the house.
  9. They all have celebrations and parties after every 10 days throughout the year.
  10. Some people are there who always make plans to spoil the happiness of lead couples.
  11. Most important, these shows have more than 1000 episodes and still most viewed list.

Then I thought it is our fault that such shows have highest TRP and are listed in mostly viewed TV shows. Ultimately “It’s all about supply and demand concept.” What we want to see they show us. Few factors which should not be missed here.

  1. It’s all about making money.
  2. Whole shoot is done in the same house, so cost on location is less.
  3. A 1 hour shoot is divided into multiple episodes with lots of effects and music.
  4. A never ending story helps and stops them from making seasons.

Such TV shows gain a huge number of audiences because we don’t have choices. In India very few numbers of ladies above 35 watch GOT, Friends or Arrow.
The main purpose of TV shows should be providing entertainment and increase awareness about the reality. But, what they are doing is just opposite to it, for making money.

I feel lucky as I am a 90s kid, so I have watched many awesome TV shows, only a single channel was there for a verity of shows. tv2
I would like to mention a few of them-

  1. Captain vyom
  2. Dekh bhai dekh
  3. Chandrakanta
  4. Shri Krishna
  5. Shaktiman
  6. Udaan
  7. Shanti…. and many more.tv4

It’s time to make a change and few things which producers should never miss before making a TV show.

  1. If you start with social issues be on it and end with the solution to that issue.
  2. Make shows to encourage youth and show them real problems rather than showing fake love stories.
  3. Use some logic.
  4. Never forget all aspects of life, they are positive and negative both.
  5. Richness doesn’t mean wearing heavy jewelry and costly dresses only.
  6. Life is about peace and spreading happiness also.

Hope this will help people to minutely observe what is beneficial for them. Recognize and watch only what is best for your brain and body. Impact matters a lot, so, never compromise the huge impact with a few minutes of entertainment.

Share your favorite TV show, which you never miss.



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