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Want to save more money: 22 handy tips for extra saving

Money is something we all think about 24*7. We all want to work less and earn more. While thinking about earning more all the time makes us neglect all those simple ways which could help us to save huge amount of money easily. Yes! I have valid reasons for saying this. For example, suppose you earn 100 bucks a day, but spent 80 then you end up your day saving 20 bucks only. While another person is earning 60 bucks daily and finish up his day saving 30 bucks, then who will become rich in less span of time off course the second one. Team Widevisions is here with some fantastic money saving ideas which will help you in saving more money.

  1. Priority
    Set a priority list for every ‘needed’. Here, one thing which should not be neglected is create a list of items which you actually ‘need’, not ‘want’. I prefer to maintain this list month wise.
  2. Quit smoking
    If you are unable to do so, minimize it. Make a list and calculate the total expenditure you do monthly, due to your smoking habits and it will encourage you to save money.
  3. Electricity
    money3Save electricity and water to reduce your expenses on electricity and water bills.
  4. Quality appliances
    Whenever you buy appliances for your home avoid buying cheap products which require maintenance cost more than its original cost.
  5. Avoid fast food
    Fast food is something which harm your health and wallet both. Avoid eating fast food until unless you don’t find anything else to eat.
  6. Ditch costly restaurants
    A picnic or potluck could be more exciting if it is planned with your friends and family, so ditch those expensive restaurant bills.
  7. Less for fashion be smart with less
    I remember one of my teachers from college days, she used to wear not so costly dresses but still look fabulous every day. So everyone can try to look smart with less costly clothes.
  8. Minimize medicine bills by exercising daily
    There are plenty of ways to stay healthy forever. You can cut all your medical bills practicing exercising and eating a healthy diet daily. 10 Super habits to stay fit without exercising regularly
  9. Cut the cost of family holidays
    I am not saying that don’t plan holidays with your dear ones. Just plan it yourself rather than giving the responsibility to a planner and save some money.
  10. Don’t over speed your vehicle
    Speeding your vehicle harm your vehicle as your vehicle also.
  11. Comparison
    Don’t compare your life with others. Earning money depends on hard work and luck both so it’s really silly to compare your life to others.
  12. Extra tuition fees
    Nowadays you can learn any subject just sitting at your home free of cost. So you can utilize these facilities and save tuition fees.
  13. Mobile bills
    Using low cost data you can use many apps available in store for calling and minimize those mobile bills.
  14. Utilize your hobby into a part time job
    You can earn some extra bucks by putting some quality time and effort in your hobby. It will enhance your financial status as well as give you a happy feeling.
  15. Bargain for the best rate
    Yes! its free of cost just speak few lines and bargain with the shopkeeper and save money.
  16. Reuse/ Recycle what you have
    Many fantastic ways are available on the internet which will help you to reuse and recycle your old things and give them a new life.
  17. Zip pants and jackets before washing them
    Yes, it is also a valuable point, open zip in washing machine could harm your other clothes.
  18. Plant some food producing plants in your lawn
    People who own a kitchen garden can plant some food producing plants and save some bucks.
  19. Monitor your expenses on entertainment
    Netflix, Amazon prime, YouTube and many more. These all options are available in very less cost. Choose any one from them and save money on entertainment.
  20. Use natural products rather than expensive beauty products
    A home made face pack work same like any purchased beauty product from the market. I believe if you eat healthy and do yoga or exercise you need not to spend more on expensive beauty products.
  21. Do some meditation and believe in God.
    money22If you keep on thinking about money all the time it will make your life like hell. Doing meditation will increase positivism in you which will help you to perform better in life.
  22. Clean your house by your own time to time

    Sweeper costs are increasing day by day. So you can clean your house with the help of other family members and stay healthy. My personal experience says you will think twice before making any mess if you clean your house yourself.

Thinks positive always and keep on trying. Always remember money can buy you things, but not happiness. So value what you have.


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