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Top 9 workplace mistakes people often act,”gossip is not in the list”

It is your first day in office and you are a bit confused about what to do and what not? In enthusiasm we try to play intelligently and more friendly which is not good for a long term relationship. Yes! Your workplace relationships are equally important as your personal relationships. In over excitement sometimes we make horrible mistakes which we should not do at the workplace. We are here with 9 blunders no one should practice at the workplace.

  1. Hate about your job
    Most of us get bored doing the same work again and again. So, it’s your responsibility to maintain excitement in the work you do. Be more creative and experimental when you feel used to off doing the same work daily. If you still start hating your job never discuss this with your fellow workers, just leave the place or find something else to do.
  2. Delay your task
    It’s 5:30 PM and you need to leave at 7 and your task will take at least 2 hours. In such situations either you complete the task and leave little late or tell the complete scenario to the boss and leave early. But, sitting at your workstation and doing nothing is not a good idea. At least start the task so that anyone else could complete the remaining work rather that doing all your tasks.
  3. Don’t compliment others
    “You are wearing a nice dress today ” maybe this compliment doesn’t work, but “You have made a wonderful presentation in less time span ” this will surely work. Compliment others for their hard work and good behavior.
  4. Don’t be diplomatic, always
    Yes! You don’t want to be personal at work place, but sometimes things are either good or bad. So in such situations be on one side either right or wrong.
  5. Don’t remember names
    Try to increase your memory and stop calling people “Sir” or “Ma’am” just because you don’t remember their names.
  6. Don’t take credit on things you don’t do
    I have seen many people who don’t mention that the they had not done anything in that project for which client is giving appreciation. They think that they are silent and not said that “they have done this” still if someone is appreciating them, it’s not a sin. But believe me guys, it will be known to everyone after some time and at that time you will be more embarrassing.
  7. Listening other’s talks
    Make your ears to work for you only. Don’t interfere in others discussions. 
  8. Office things for personal use
    Do you carry staplers, board pins, printing papers or other stationary items to your home with you from your office? Do you take personal printouts in office? If your answer is “Yes” then you should immediately stop this if you want to stay in your job for a long time.
  9. Over advantage of flexible timings
    You should take it positively and never take over advantage of flexible timings. Every good manager takes care of the time her team spent in office.

Hope these above suggestions will help you to become a nice person at work place. Share your thoughts which will help others to be a wonderful person.


  1. So much Honesty is not good policy every time…. But in written we can admit it that should be beneficial on many fronts.
    Good luck author if u thinks so beautifully. Hope people will learn after reading this ethics & code of conduct on workplace . If u have any past experience of office atmosphere then it should be best relevant example kindly share those experiences in your next blogs we are eagerly waiting for the next one thank you and best of luck for your next post.


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