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“Internet is not working” 14 things you can do to save time

In 1990 world wide web was invented and people started using the internet. One most important thing we should consider here is people used to work on computer before that also. We are so much addicted to search and read everything on the internet that we feel helpless if internet is not working.
So team widevisions is here with plenty of things we can do if internet is slow or not working.

  1. Clean your desktop
    int1We keep on working daily on our system, and never get extra time to clean our desktop. So why not utilize this time to vacate some space on your desktop.
  2. Read stored PDF books
    Reading is always a wonderful experience either hard copy or soft copy. So whatever you do, I suggest everyone to read something about your favorite topic every day.
  3. Organize folders
    It happens with me most of the time that in the hurry I download text file in the music folder and music file in eBooks folder. So guys cut and paste all those different types of files in correct folder right now.
  4. Take a power nap
    Who doesn’t like this? If you are in the office take a small break and if at home, you can take a power nap.
  5. Write a blog
    If internet is not working you get some extra time to think more about the topic you want to write about. Think and write it offline and publish it when you get internet connectivity back.
  6. Clean your house/desk
    Remove those extra hard copies and printouts from your desk. Cleanliness is something which enhances your mood instantly.
  7. Make a to do list
    Create a to do list and prioritize your task one by one. It will help you to boost your productivity.
  8. Talk to your friends and family
    callYou have got a wonderful chance, I mean surprise your friends, family  or dear ones by calling them in your busy hours to make them feel special.
  9. Empty garbage in your system
    Empty recycle bin, defragment your disk space and increase some space in your system.
  10. Draft your mails and work
    Yes! You can do it without an internet connectivity. Read your inbox and draft all replies in text files and send it when you get connectivity back.
  11. Sort pictures
    save7You can group all pictures of their type or occasion wise. It’s really a great experience to watch all picture related to same occasion in one go.
  12. Scan your system
    Run a deep scan and check for virus in your system.
  13. Save browser passwords and URLs in text file
    int12.jpegIt’s really important to save all your important passwords and URLs in a text file in a local folder. Last month I changed one of my passwords and took a week off. When I joined back, I was helpless because I forgot the password I last changed. It took an extra 20 minutes to update a new password.
  14.  Take a walk to garden
    Best medicine ever for anything, boost your mood and health both by walking a few minutes in the garden or anywhere in open sky.

Select anything from the above list and enjoy this precious time. If still didn’t find anything suitable then call your internet provider and continue working as before.
Write down your blocked connectivity story in the comment box.
Share this blog post with your friends and family to help them in their tough time.


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