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Awesome ways to utilize your 24 hour, even in shorter winter days

Days are longer in the summer and shorter in the winter for all people living in the northern hemisphere. The duration of the daylight hour is the most important factor in productivity of a human being. Sometimes we feel difficult to manage with these sudden changes. Our body and mind both needs to manage with these changes.
Team widevisions is here with some simple things you can do to utilize your day completely.

  1. Time is moneywin4Keep in mind that you have 24 hours either the sun is visible more or less. So don’t ignore your tasks just because it’s not enough light outside.“Internet is not working” 14 things you can do to save time
  2. Distribute and divide the taskswin3If days are shorter divide your tasks according to their nature, example if the daylight hour is less and you find it difficult to shop in night, then you can opt for online shopping or shop during the day. Shopping Online: 7 Important things to remember
  3. Set up a time-tableint6We are doing it from our school time, but very few of them follow it strictly. I remember I used to make fresh time-table before every exam, but it happened rarely that I followed it strictly. So, set a goal, better short and achievable and complete tasks accordingly. Top 9 workplace mistakes people often act,”gossip is not in the list”
  4. Two minute rule
    This is one of the most important lessons I have learnt from my mom. A simple rule everyone can follow and stay relaxed. “Just complete all those small tasks in your way which takes only 2 minutes”. 10 Amazing facts that matters most for a long lasting friendship
  5. Utilize travelling timewin5In my first job travel time between my office and home was approx 3 hours daily. So I used to complete all my tasks like paying different bills, reading books and chatting with friends and family in the way while sitting in the cab.13 Natural and fantastic celebrity tips to slow down aging
  6. Silent all alerts
    Ignore alerts if really want to complete your tasks on time, especially in the evening. I have experienced that the more you complete your tasks in the evening for the next day and early morning for the same day, you feel more stress free and managed though out the day.13 Smart tips to ensure your safety if you are walking alone
  7. Start with small goals
    Set small targets like “I will finish all my early morning stuff before 7” or “reply all pending mails in the first hour of office.” Such small targets will help you to achieve a managed day.6 Inspiring ways to stand out from the crowd
  8. Set deadlines
    Boss is enough to set it for you, but what if you set it for yourself and be your own boss.
  9. Complete toughest task in the morning
    I prefer this strategy from my school days. Complete studying toughest chapter in the morning and learn easy things throughout the day. 11 Awesome things which are fading away due to modern technology
  10. Avoid distractions
    It’s not only social media sometimes your friends, family and neighbor call you at odd times. To avoid such situations tell everyone about your working hours either at home or in the office.11 Extraordinary habits of successful people everyone should follow
  11. Daylight Saving
    Efficient way to be on time you can explore more on google and learn everything what, why and how about it.

Share your wonderful ideas how you manage to utilize all 24 hours efficiently in smaller winter days.


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