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15 Essential things every parent/guardian must teach their kids before the age of 12

Making your kid a good human being is a challenge for every parent and guardian. After being a parent, I feel a big responsibility towards my growing kids. Like I want him to be responsible, honest, respectable, brave and kind in future. It’s not a one day task, it’s a process which starts with early upbringing of kids.

Team Widevisions is here with 15 awesome things you might teach your kids before they turns 12.

  1. Place things in their correct place
    It could be annoying for your kids in starting but this habit will help your kids and his or her mates throughout his/her life.
  2. Respect everyone
    Money, age, appearance must not be a criteria for respecting anyone. Ask them to respect everyone and say polite words.
  3. Some cooking tips
    kid4Teach them basic cooking skills, at least they don’t stay hungry for a long time in your absence. Tell them what to eat and how to make any raw thing eatable without lighting the burner. Example they can make a salad or eat cornflakes or fruits.
  4. How to rescue in critical situation
    My mom trained me well till the age of 8, what to do if she is not at home and LPG smells. So this is a very basic thing, but you can elaborate about many such household appliances. 
  5. How to deal with anger?
    Throwing things is a common behavior kids show whenever they feel angry. Train them how to deal with anger, although it is a tough task, but you should start in a very early age.
  6. How to respond to annoying things
    My dad always taught me to stay calm and silent in case anyone tries to annoy you willingly. Silence always annoys back the annoying person.
  7. Help them who are in need
    Teach your kids to help all those who are in need without being selfish.
  8. Show gratitude for every help and good behavior
    It is equally important like helping others. Saying few thanking words will not equalize the help you have received from someone, but your kind words will improve your relationship.
  9. How to behave outside your house?
    kid10It must be explained to every kid that there are few things which could be done in house only. 
  10. Be sensitive towards animals and plants
    This can be taught to kids by a few minutes walk in the garden or ask them to water indoor plants. Explain them how plants and animals help humans to survive. 
  11. Whom to contact in case of emergency
    Make them remember a few names and contact numbers they can call in case of any emergency.
  12. Ask questions
    Don’t stop your kid from asking question, you can request him/her to answer after sometime as you are busy at something. But stopping them from asking questions makes them realize that asking questions annoys you.
  13. What you give comes back to you tenfold
    Just explain your baby what could happen to him/her because of his/her bad behavior towards someone.
  14. Sharing is caring
    It starts with you, set an example in front of them. Teach your kids to share their things belongs to you and them.
  15. Saving/ importance of money
    kid1I have given a piggy bank to my kid and asked him to put all the money which any relative gives him as a gift when they depart from my house, and his dad additionally taught him to refuse for any gift at first but if someone desperately insists then he can take and put it in his piggy bank.

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  1. This is really very helpful to each and every parents the things are very small but we skip ot in these. if our children follow this small things they can be good human beings in future.
    thank you nisha for your valuable point its really help us .and i follow many points of this. but i will keep in mind all the points
    Thank you


  2. Really interesting points,as discussed here by author because each points r matching with my hobby .I love cooking. love plants every morning with Chirping of birds wow….. And if I m n9t busy I like things in order. 🙂


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