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13 Simple habits that can turn our life from happy to horrible

We humans are slaves of our habits.Bad habits are something which stops our way to success. We all have our different ways of doing things. Everyone is having different views towards life and a way of living. Few of us find comfort and peace in living inside the house while some other of us loves to walk outside in search of peace and comfort.But, still most of us find it difficult to stay healthy and happy for a long time.
Team Widevisions is here with few daily habits which we have developed in the influence of technology or modern lifestyle, that could spoil our health and happiness both.

Keep on talking on the phone all the time

Sometimes due to job or for the sake of relationship we talk on the phone most of the time. Just keep on walking if possible while talking on the phone.

If you opt to sit or lay down in bed and couch always 

Stop acting like a lazy all the time. Get up and avoid lying on the bed all the time. It is not a healthy habit,although the impact of this habit becomes visible after a long time.

If you don’t have any hobby

Painting, dancing and gardening is not only things you can opt for a hobby, just develop any habit that improves your personality and mental health.

Smoking/eating junk to boost up your mood

If you are a person who eat junk food or smoke just to enhance your mood, then stop doing this. It can harm your health like a hell.

Pay some attention to your relationship

Give some quality time to your relationship.Liking a pic on social networking site is not the only thing you can do to enhance your relationship.

If you don’t read anything

Read books in free time or utilize your travelling time and read the few lines which gives you best experiences of your life.

Stop increasing list of your pending work

Our pending list always increases if you don’t complete your work on time or don’t set your priority list wisely.

Keep on checking your phone within every 5 minutes

Let your phone rest on the table for some time. Do not check your phone all the time and stop responding to every notification.

Don’t eat on time

Fix your eating time, and don’t let your stomach empty for a long time.

Watching TV without any clue

You keep on watching TV just because it’s a holiday and you don’t have any planned activity. Sitting on couch and watching TV whole day could ruin your health.

Borrow all the time

Buy things you need and stop borrowing things from your friends and family. If you find it difficult to buy, then borrow it with a cost rather than 
taking it free from your relatives.

Going to the mall without any need

It’s a Holiday and no task scheduled for today, then let’s go to the mall. With this habit you will end up your day buying unnecessary things.

Scrolling videos without any purpose

I know it’s fun watching videos in your phone, especially after induction of many apps which using which many people are making funny videos. Stop increasing their views and wasting your precious time if you have something important to achieve in life. 

These are few simple habits, according to us which we normally ignore. Tell us about your view, what you think should be changed in the meantime.

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