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9 Easily available travel essentials on Amazon you should buy early

This blog is for all of my readers who don’t believe in preparing the prioritized list. Although it is very easy to buy things you need in your journey, but believe me if you carry things with specific brand you use it will become very enjoyable.
While packing my stuff for travelling I realized that I should share really cheap and essential things, available on amazon for your happy journey.
You can buy it from my amazon affiliate links as well.

  1. Fold able bag
  2. Solar power bank
    Lots of selfies and several uploads makes your phone lose battery so it needs to be charged frequently.
  3. Milton water bottle
    This is something which always helps you if you caught cold and cough very easily in changing climate.
  4. Shoe cover

    If you don’t want  to walk with a dirty shoes anytime and walk like a star without thinking about mud.
  5. Sanitizer
    You know how essential it is for a healthy stomach.
  6. Wet tissues
    These tissues helps you to stay away from several infections.
  7. Small essential box
  8. Rope
  9. Solar Torch

    Share your list here if I missed something.
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