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8 Questions you should search before the year ends and be a better partner

Now one more year is ending and it’s time to get ready for a new inning with a new calendar. Every person wants his life partner like beauty with brain and there is no limit for this word ‘beauty’.  Now things have changed, if wives have brains they will utilize it and will work to follow their passion. Although nowadays men are also happy to help their wives in pursuing her dreams, but the things is, they don’t want to take responsibility on their own shoulder. According to husbands and in-laws lady is free to do anything, but she will have to fulfill her inside house duty as well.
Team Widevisions is here with a few things which men should search for and be a better and respectable person in life.

  1. How to stay alive if no one else is at home to cook?


    Every mom used to feed their babies, but you are grown up now. Learn something to cook and try to feed someone else also. Feeding someone else gives you happiness. If you don’t know how to cook? , just search for the recipe and cook it.

  2. How to respect your partner’s dreams and ambitions?
    She had left her house and parents for you. Respect what she wants to achieve in life. Make her realize that life don’t just ends after marriage. She can also chase her dreams like you are doing.
  3. How to pamper your ego without getting anybody hurt?
    It is not required to shout to resolve any issue. You can argue without fighting anybody. Be calm and say what you want to speak. 
  4. Difference between friendship and love
    Every girl who is your friend could not be your lady-love. Know how to deal with the ladies working with you in office or studying with you in college. Every lady is not your better half.
  5. How to respect and love the lady inside the house, even if she can’t work like a maid?
    Sometimes we don’t realize how much a person’s value in our life, until we lose that person. Realize that every person is having some qualities, may be they are not perfect according to you, but search for all those qualities and be happy.
  6. How to take care of babies?

    It’s not only a woman’s duty to take care of babies in the house. You also posses some relationship with that little one, so take some responsibility and take part in the upbringing of the babies in the house.

  7. How to clean and organize house?
    Cleanliness is not only women responsibility. A well managed and clean house also enhances your mood and health. Take part in making your house clean and organized.
  8. Your wife is not your mother
    hugWhy you search for a mother in your wife? Why you expect her to pamper you and your ego both all the time? Mom and wives are two different entities. They both can not treat you the same.

This is only 1 side of a coin, maybe all of us are not happy and satisfied with the above text. Write your views in comment box.
Also, this blog seems a bit biased, so no problem, all guys can also mention the problems they face in the comment box. I assure I will add them in my next blog.
These were few things which you should search for and make your partner’s life easier with you.
Share your search topic with us in the comment box.


  1. Congratulations writer for this wonderful century and wish u happy new year in advance ……..
    But don’t be biased what about bachelor’s…. Hahahaha


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