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10 Best new years resolutions applicable for everyone

A new year, a new calendar is here and we all are ready to deal with new challenges and facing a new experiences this year. Let’s make this year special by taking some really easy decisions, which will make our life easier. 
Presenting you some awesome new year resolutions applicable for everyone.

  1. Buying things without any need
    13 Simple habits that can turn our life from happy to horrible

  2. Stop over speeding your vehicle

    15 Essential things every parent/guardian must teach their kids before the age of 12

  3. Overspending time on internet and social networking sites

    “Internet is not working” 14 things you can do to save time

  4. Smoking, it’s really injurious to health and your environment both.
    8 Questions you should search before the year ends and be a better partner

  5. Stop wasting electricity and water for the sake of your nation. 


  6. Be more organized and managed in this new year

  7. Manage time smartly and give time to your relationships

  8. Stop eating stale or junk food

  9. Doing less expecting more, either in relationships or in your job.
    10 Insane daily habits that will give you a better health

  10. Start talking to your friends and family face to face rather than on the phone.

Select anyone from the above list. Write down your experiences in the comment box.
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