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13 Tried and tested study hacks every student must know

Everyone is having their own way of studying. It’s not important to study all the time to become a master in any subject. You just need to be smart enough that you can learn more in less time without getting bored of it. Completing whole syllabus in just a¬†few months is not that easy, but believe me proper time management and willingness to achieve something helps you to set your goals and achieve them.
Team Widevisions is here with some tried and tested hacks you can opt for better studies in less time.

  1. Meditation

    A key feature for better concentration. We all need a healthy and productive brain and meditation is free of cost medicine for that.

  2. Prepare notes, an essential part

    This is my personal experience, read the topic and write it at your own. Use different colored pens for headings and examples. Draw pictures or charts so that it stays for a long time in your memory. Make huge Money Using Your Social Networking Account

  3. Sit same time daily

    ‘Time’ of study is a¬†very important thing which allows you to concentrate¬†more. Like don’t sit for studies if your favorite¬†TV show is just over¬†5 minutes. Set the time when you feel less distracted and can concentrate on the¬†most¬†in your studies.

  4. Read slowly when you don’t understand

    One of my friends told me this technique and trust me it really works. If you find any line difficult to understand, then read it as slow as you can. Best 9 seasonal jobs to make you earn good cash during this festive time

  5. Select your favorite time

    Some people find it easy to study in the¬†morning and a few believe late night studies are good. It’s all up to¬†you, choose the¬†time which suits you best.

  6. Don’t place studies in the last

    One of my cousins made his timetable, when he was in 6th standard like

    • Getting up in the¬†morning
    • Going to school
    • Coming from school
    • Lunch
    • 1 hour rest
    • Playing
    • Dance class
    • Watching TV
    • Dinner
    • Studies
      As studies
      were the last thing on his list, he used to be very tired till that time¬† and become sleepy in a few minutes of reading. So I suggest don’t place studies in last throughout the day.
  7. Select language in which you are comfortable

    Every subject can be read in your preferred language. So select according to need and comfortability. Want to save more money: 22 handy tips for extra saving

  8. Divide big task in small modules

    The best example, a book is divided into chapters and chapters into topics and paragraphs. So select your favorite topics and make a list. You can also combine more than 1 subject in a single list according to your ease.

  9. Perform riddles or exercises related to topics you read every day

    This could be done while travelling to school or in free lecture. Do it regularly and see the difference in your studies.¬†‚ÄúInternet is not working‚ÄĚ 14 things you can do to save time

  10. Speak loud whatever you studied like you are teaching

    Speaking loudly makes your brain to think more about the topic and it helps you memorize anything easily. 11 Extraordinary habits of successful people everyone should follow

  11. Learn through pictures and maps

    A very effective way of learning things with practical scenarios. Use live picture, maps or graphs for studies and see the difference.

  12. Practice more than completing your book

    Completing a book and doing homework will never be effective if you have not understood the subject. Try to read from basics and then be a master. Start with basic books and material available online or at your school library.

  13. Feedback

    Take feedback from your teachers and elders.7 Improved and proven ways of decision making

These were a few tried and tested hacks. Share this post with your friends and all of the students you know.
Type your tested hacks in the comment box.


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