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Step by step guide to change any of your habit instantly

It’s not easy to change your daily habits and routines suddenly. It’s all about self motivation and commitment. All you have to do is to control your brain. Changing habits is not a one day process. You have to develop a new good habit to change a bad one.
Team Widevisions is here with a very easily achievable step by step guide to change any of your bad habit.

  1. Identify the habit you want to change
    I don’t exercise daily.
    I get up late in the morning.
    I have to lose weight.
    Blah.. Blah..
    You can select any of your habit or set any target and start working on that.

  2. Write down what is to be achieved and how much you have achieved
    Writing make more impact than thinking about something. So never forget to write down daily on this list.

  3. You are your best friend
    Treat yourself like your best friend, be with you every time to help yourself.

  4. Follow 2 minute rule
    If I have pledged to meditate daily and one morning I am getting late to my office. Still, I will try to do it at least for 2 minutes. Whatever you have planned try to do it at least for 2 minutes in any case.

  5. Set achievable targets
    Nobody can lose 10 kg in one day or save all her earnings. So always set a target that can be achieved easily.

  6. Gift yourself for every small achievement
    Give something to yourself when you do what you have planned for you. It’s not easy to control your brain, it could be your best friend if you pamper it when required.

  7. Share your success story
    Tell your family and friends, the moment you start working towards any habit change.

I hope you will be a different person in a few days. Discover a positive vision towards life.
Share this post with your friends and family. Also, don’t forget to comment your view about a habit change.


  1. Author why anyone want to see himself as a different person although people mostly wants to live a actual life and they never want to change ….


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