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10 Questions you should never ask anyone, not even to your best friend

Everyone appreciates people who think before speaking. But sometimes in emotions or in flow we ask really dumb questions from our friends or strangers, which really
leaves another person in an embarrassing situation. I know we don’t have any intention to hurt them, but we ask generally, but it hurts the other person deep inside. Always think about another person’s perspective and then ask questions.

I encourage the behavior of thinking before saying anything.
Team widevisions is here with a list of questions you should avoid asking anyone.

  1. About appearances

    How you got that scar on your face? Why you always wear glasses? Your mom and dad are tall why you are short?…….. and many more. People always ask such silly questions which nobody wants to answer. Just because you ask a silly question they remember about the sad story behind that scar or their eye problem.

  2. Earnings

    What is your salary? Do you have a side business? Never ask this to anyone, if you really want a good relationship with them.

  3. Where are you going?

    I am about to get in a cab and leaving home with some luggage for a vacation. Suddenly one of my neighbor asked me loudly “Where are you going Nisha?” Imagine how I felt that time, I said “I will message you”. Nobody want to make an announcement before leaving home for a few days due to security reasons.

  4. Why you don’t have kids?

    Many people asked me this question just after 1 year of my marriage. Having kids or not should be our own decision. Maybe they want kids, but they are facing some health issues. Never hurt people by asking this question.

  5. Relationship status

    Why everyone wants to know about the relationship status? I love being single or maybe I am happily married or whatever I feel like in my relationship. I don’t want to discuss it to everyone.

  6. Why don’t you own…. Blah Blah?

    You travel using public transport, you don’t have a car? Or why you bought so small car? Okay, if you have a car they will ask about your apartment. If you have both they will ask about your interior. These are never ending things and questions about them feels very cheap. People have their own priorities and responsibilities they buy things according to their need and requirements.

  7. Whom you invited and why?

    It’s your party and everyone is enjoying and suddenly one person come and complain why didn’t you invite my best friends. How irrelevant this question is?  Need huge patience to deal with such people. Make huge Money Using Your Social Networking Account

  8. What others say about you?

    I met my old friends after a long time and what they asked me was “what your family say about us”. Is it really important to know what others feel about you? If it is really matters to you then I suggest such people to ask this question directly rather than asking here and there. 8 Questions you should search before the year ends and be a better partner

  9. Age and weight

    Some health issues turn our physical appearance really weird, Sometime we tend to gain more weight or lose the same. Never comment about anyone’s physical appearance. It’s all about mental health and situation which differs from person to person. 7 Brilliant pockets and environment friendly shopping hacks

  10. What you got in your last birthday?

    Maybe it was a bad day for me and I don’t want to celebrate it. People often ask about gift occasionally, but it could hurt people who have not received any gift.

Let us know which one you correlate most. Also share this post with people who often ask such dumb questions to you.
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