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13 Fantastic ideas to motivate yourself positively on a bad day

We all set targets for ourselves, most of the time we achieve it also. But, after a few days I think we all deal with a day which is really sad or you can say non productive. I generally feel the same after doing the same things continuously for 10 to 15 days without taking a break on weekends.
Although I love my work and writing is my passion, still you are surrounded by some people and a time comes where you feel bad about everything. I assume these hours less productive when I feel tired or not in the mood of writing or doing anything else. Awesome ways to utilize your 24 hour, even in shorter winter days
But we all have to do things on a regular basis just to fulfil our commitments.
Here are some awesome techniques, which I use to motivate myself on a bad day.

  1. Relax

    A stressed brain loses its productivity very fast,  so keep in mind that how bad the day is it will pass, just RELAX. “Love is in the air” what is required to feel it better

  2. Feel positive

    The glass is filled with water, it’s upto us what we see, half filled or half empty. It’s not necessary to feel negative whole day if your mood is not good.

  3. Listen your favorite music

    It works for me, you can also try if you are fond of listening music.

  4. Take a small break or a power nap

    A small break from routine work boosts your body and brain both.

  5. Feel the  responsibility

    I feel the pressure of doing something encourages you to complete that task on time.

  6. Write it down


    Place a board in front of you in your workstation and write your aim there. If it is visible to you all the time you will not get affected by distractions.

  7. Don’t repeat your mistakes

    Never forget the circumstances of breaking your own rules and discipline. I believe you should never repeat your mistakes.

  8. Check Alternatives

    I am not willing to write today, so I will try myself to get involved in something else which could somehow help me to complete my task on time. Like I will read something or get some interactive ideas to write new posts.

  9. Need

    Need of money is something which motivates you to work. Feel that requirement and motivate yourself for doing something. 10 Insane daily habits that will give you a better health

  10. Stay Focused and love what you do

    Avoid distractions and manage your work in such a way that it gets completed on time. Why Indian TV shows suck, 11 Strong reasons?

  11. Talk to someone

    I talk to my best friend or my mom when I feel bad. Everyone is having someone in their life who motivates them. Chose who is that person in your life and talk to him/her. 9 Simple habits at your 30’s makes your 50’s easy and comfortable

  12. Take a walk outside
    This is suggested by my dad, in school days when I find it difficult to learn any chapter in one go. He used to suggest me to take a walk, then learn a few lines for ten to fifteen minutes and then again walk a few steps. It works for me till now, you can also try. 15 life saving hacks for people who own a rented flat

  13. Do something creative

    Writing is my passion, but I prefer to do gardening when I feel bad. Choose what is your hobby which energizes you and spend some time doing that. Top 9 Smart and handy tips for busy and working mothers

At last I will request all my lovely readers to share your wonderful techniques to turn your bad day into a good one.
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