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12 Superb ways to shop with babies without any hassle

baby10As a mother of a kid, sometimes I used to travel and shop with my kid alone. Every kid is different, their interest and behavior differs from time to time and according to their age. Some Kids don’t get familiar with new things very soon as well as sometimes they get more comfortable in the new environment. Due to these reasons we avoid going to market along with kids.
I am sharing some brilliant hacks which every mother can try before thinking about shopping with kids.

  1. Eat well before leaving for the market
    baby11Hunger affects your behavior. If you are hungry, you can not take correct decision, as it reduces your brain’s thinking and analyzing capacity. So eat well before before leaving home.
  2. Take a power nap
    It’s a healthy way, take some rest before you have to do some hard work.
  3. Feed your kids properly
    Again, what affects a mother same could affect a baby too. Read point “1” again.
  4. Select a place with the proper vehicle parking area
    If your vehicle is parked in a hassle free area you can feed your hungry baby in the car. If she needs a nap you can also manage that inside your car.
  5. Select a big size bag
    With a big bag you don’t need to effort more for putting things properly. If you are in a hurry, just put things randomly and rush to the vehicle.
  6. Take water and eatables for kids
    It is my personal experience, that whenever I step outside with my baby. He asks for the water more in comparison of inside the house. So take some eatable and water for your baby always.
  7. Put address and contact info in their pocket if they can’t remember it
  8. Charge your phone properly
    Because maybe you need to play a rhyme for your little one. A charged phone will help you in any panic situation.
  9. List down things you need to buy at any cost
    Buy all necessary stuff first, then go to the “SALE” or other attractive offers available in the market.
  10. Wear comfortable shoes and dress with pockets in it
    You can keep your cash, card and phone in your pocket. Because they are likely to be messed with other bought stuff inside the bag. This way they are easily accessible too.
  11. Take any favorite toy of your kid along with you
    This will help you to keep your kid calm whenever required and also the chances of attraction towards other toys would be less.
  12. Avoid going to the market in peak hours
    If you have to go with babies, avoid peak timing so that you can skip most of the crowd in the store.

At last I request every mother to share this post with other mothers to help them. Make their shopping fun for them and their kids both.

Comment what you expect from your babies while shopping.
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