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13 Positive and historical changes occurred in India in last five years

I proud of my nation and its people.
It’s a human nature that we don’t give a damn to the things which does not affect us directly. We start noticing things when they impact our comfort zone.
Same happened with me, I never took any interest in politics, although I appreciate good and positive changes in favor of the citizen of a country. Today when I think about time before 5 years I realize that for any big change in a society we need to keep a positive vision towards the future.
Again, I want to clear that this post is all about how my country has been changed positively in a last few years.

Here we go!

  1. Best Internet connectivity ever
    With the service provider like “JIO” now every common man is having smartphones with good internet speed and access. This was never so easy for a common man before.
  2. Digital money
    Now my 75 years old granny knows how to transfer money using her phone. Even with “PayTm” and many more such apps it is very easy for us to buy things without cash.
  3. Relationship with other countries
    No doubt we are more respectable now and we possess a good relationship with developed and developing countries both.
  4. Cleanliness
    This is the major change not only on the roads, but inside the minds of people. Now people are more aware about hygiene and cleanliness around them. It’s all visible impact of “Swach Bharat Abhiyaan”.
  5. Women Empowerment
    Women are now playing a very vital role in the development of the country in every way. 
  6. A strong nation on the globe
    India is emerging as a powerful nation in the world map. Even last two surgical strikes also proved that we are not afraid of any person or country with wrong deeds.
  7. Better routes
    If I remember the time before 5 years, it was too difficult to travel if you haven’t booked your tickets 4 months ago. But, now there are huge options available all you need to do is just log in and book your tickets either by road, air or trains.
  8. Tourism
    With more advanced trains and roads, it is now more comfortable for tourists to roam anywhere in India. You can plan your complete journey online without any hassle.
  9. GST
    Now a single goods and services tax has replaced many other indirect taxes.
  10. Make in India
    Under make in India scheme now we are now able to export things like metro coaches to other countries which was made for our own country earlier. This was only an example, you can get a list of things online.
  11. Technology
    It is not hidden that we have best technical brains in all over the world. “Chandrayaan” and “Vande Bharat express” are the most exact example, that we are doing extraordinary things with less cost.
  12. Quick service and reply from officials
    Now Police, Railways and almost all government official are available on social media and active too. Even if you are facing huge traffic, you can just Whastapp and you will get help over there. It was never so friendly earlier.
  13. Beneficial schemes
    Government schemes like One pension account, Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, LPG Subsidy Scheme (Pahal), Atal Pension Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana and many more in the list everyone is getting benefitted.

These were a few things which I noticed and are most visible, the list is multiple times bigger than this. With this overview you can search about all the development online in detail.
Please comment what you think about new growing India.
Also share this post with your friends and family.


  1. Excellent post. Can’t stop myself in appreciating your way of expressing about India’s development in last 5 years in a very brief note.


  2. Excellent post. Can’t stop myself in appreciating your way of expressing about India’s development in last 5 years in a very brief note.


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