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11 Facts that make friends more special than girlfriend or boyfriend

No doubt everyone feels awesome with their girlfriend or boyfriend, but I think when we feel lost somewhere we need friends than anyone else. In fact, we need our best friends desperately after a breakup. There are multiple things which make this relationship stronger.
Here are 11 reasons why I believe friends are more important in our life more than anything else. 

  1. Friends doesn’t care about appearance.
    frn4Yes! None of them will give a damn about what I am wearing? How much weight I have gained? They just know one thing that I am their best friend.

  2. frn3I share my personal
    , professional, technical, medical, mechanical Blah Blah.. Every problem with my best friends. I need not to filter out things while talking to them.

  3. frn7We don’t talk daily to our friends even we are not forced to do it for the sake of relationship. I feel the same energy and positivity in my friendship whenever I call my friends even after many days.
  4. frn12I have many friends in fact from all those many friends I have some best friends also. Means I can have multiple best friends at the same time WOW!
  5. frn11I don’t need to give them gifts every time I need a favor from them. Like they are already with me even I spend a penny for them or not. 
  6. frn9No one will gossip about your friend list. Even no one will ever ask you about your friendship goals with your friends. Like people ask about girlfriends and boyfriends.
  7. frn10I don’t know you people have realized it or not, but my friends having a better definition of mine. They know me better and always give a genuine feedback when required.
  8. frn2No compromise required when you are with your best friends. They allow you to be yourself with them. You need not to behave differently and dressed properly when you are with your friends.
  9. frn1Random plans never fail with friends, like they become horrible with boyfriend or girlfriend. I personally love surprises and thanks to all my lovely friends that they never missed any chance to surprise me.
  10. frn5Adventure unlimited! Like most of us have done something crazy in their life and most of them would be with your best friends. If we are with our friends, we can accept any challenge in our life.
  11. frn8My best friends are like family to me. My mom, dad, siblings, even my neighbors knows them. 

These were a few things which make friendship most special relationship than any other. You also share what you feel about your friendship.
Also, if you find it useful and special share it with your friends.

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