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8 Strong reasons that prove “A mother could be a better manager at work”

Well, I am not saying this randomly. People often debate about this topic spending a few quality hours.  So I thought this is really a serious topic which should be discussed. If you are a person who only believe in things which satisfy a man’s ego, then I request not to scroll downwards. But if you are logical and fond of reading another person’s view related to women then, I suggest, you must read complete article without being judgmental.
After doing some research about this few months back, I come to the conclusion that Yes! “A mother could be a better manager “.
This is all my opinion made through my personal experiences and discussions.

  1. Brain functions more

    I have seen many dumb girls acting smartly after having a baby. It could be because of increase responsibilities or hormonal changes. Doctors say body goes through a massive hormonal changes during pregnancy. These changes differ for every woman, like women with problematic skin might be glowing as never before during and after pregnancy.

  2. Better time management
    A mother knows very well how to complete all tasks “before time“. This “before time” could be the time when your baby awake or come back from school. Similarly, she can manage all office tasks before deadline considering worst cases too.

  3. Easily achievable priority list
    After having a baby, I know that bathing is not a priority over eating. You need to stay healthy for a good-looking body. In fact, I have discovered many small tasks which could be done in parallel.

  4. People management
    After having 7 years of work experience in a firm and 4 years of experience as a mother, I know it is easy to handle a stubborn manager than a stubborn  kid. So if a lady has handled a kid, she better knows how to deal with elders having different opinions. 9 Most effective tactics of time management from leading lady managers

  5. More sociable
    It’s human nature that if you need people you will automatically behave properly with them. Same happens with a mother, it is really tough to handle a baby alone. Every lady needs some help from others, so it is natural that she develop a special skill to be more social and friendly.

  6. More strength
    I think this is self-explanatory, at least after seeing this image everyone can understand. Even if a mother is ill or unhealthy, nothing could stop her from taking care of her baby. A strong employee is always welcomed in every firm.

  7. Better patience
    I have seen my aunts carrying my irritating cousins and walking in the market and ignoring the toys they are asking for. Before having a baby, I always thought that they should buy the toy and walk peacefully in the market. But, now I know that it’s not about one toy, babies have a list, means they always switch from one thing to another and their demand increases. So in such situation you need a lot of patience. Now I think you can correlate the situation with an irritating client.

  8. Can easily handle sudden plan changes
    We are ready for the walk, but my baby has slept, now I will cancel the plan and will find something else to do from my to do list. A good manager should always be ready for a quick alter in a plan.

These were few things which I think a woman or a mother can do better than any other person on the planet. Everyone is having their own experiences and views.
Have you ever dealt with a lady manager, how was your experience?  Share your feedback on this topic.

Hope you will not forget to share this blog with all lovely hardworking mothers and their family.



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