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Warning: Your these 10 Habits Will Destroy Your KIDS FUTURE

We all wish that our kids grow better than us and be a successful person in the future. No one is perfect in this world, we all possess some good and bad habits.
I would like to share an incident, yesterday me and my friend were talking and our kids were playing around. Suddenly one of those kids said some bad words, we both were shocked, from where he heard this. After asking him, he said that his bus driver says this whenever any vehicle come in front of him while driving.

This was a small incident and I told him not say these words again. But, I was really shocked how much kids notice their surroundings.
He learned those bad words within five to ten minutes of journey from school to home. What about the time kids spent with us? Are we setting a right example in front of our kids?

Today we will talk about things we do daily, unknowingly how these neglected habits will affect our kid’s future.

  1. You lie to others in front of your kids

    Yes! I can understand, everyone faces different situations when they need to tell a lie. Sometimes we don’t want to hurt someone so we don’t speak the truth. I have seen many kids telling a lie from a very early age. They start practicing it due to fear or something and then it becomes a habit. It’s bitter, but true, that in most cases kids learn this from parents. Avoid lying in front of kids, if it’s very necessary and for betterment of someone, then either don’t speak in front of the kids or give a proper explanation to your kids why you are not sharing the truth. Your this small step will encourage them to tell you the truth always in any situation.
  2. You don’t respect your elders and partner

    I think it’s a crime, as a human being, everyone deserves respect. If you want your kids to respect you in the future, you should respect your partner and elders always. For example, I have never taught my son to bow in front of elders, he has seen me doing that and now he does the same. In return, he gets lot’s of love and blessing, who will not love his gesture of smiling face, joining hands small hands and bowing. Now he loves to do that without even asking.
  3. Gossip in front of your kids

    We all do that, we talk about our colleagues, neighbors or relatives. I have noticed even while playing my son can tell me what I was saying on the phone or he can guess to whom I was talking, in such a small age. Avoid doing that it can harm your kid more than you. They just remember small sentences rather than understanding complete scenario.
  4. You cheat others

    It is similar like not telling the truth. Today you will cheat others and tomorrow your kids will try same, tricks with you.
  5. Smoking and drinking

    Even at the age of 30s my parent are my idol and I feel that what they say is right for me. So, for younger kids, it’s a natural thing that they admire their parents. Same happened with kids who saw their parents drinking and smoking, kids think that it is the correct way of living. Chances are very high that such kids will start drinking and smoking at a very early age and will face its worst effect on health.
  6. Over use of gadgets

    I remember my kid start mimicking me at a very early age, how I work on the laptop or how I walk while I talk on my phone. Kids think that office means talking on the phone and working on laptops. It’s our duty to give them proper time and set an example that life is not about using different gadgets.
  7. Physical abuse

    I hate people who use abusive language in any case or hit others in frustration. Many couples get abusive while discussing any problem. Even hitting your kid for every small mistake is not good for their future.
  8. Over competitive

    If you always compare your kid with others or force them to to behave or perform like someone else, then it could make them emotionally weak and will lower their self esteem.
  9. Private chit chat in front of your kids

    It relates to both the parents, couples should take care that at any age kids are not so dumb to realize what you are doing and talking. So keep in mind that you need a private space for your personal talk and activities, which should be away from your kids.
  10. Life without rules and discipline

    If you don’t follow the rules and you don’t spend a disciplined day, then you are spoiling your life and your kids future path. Although disciplining your kids in front of others is not a good practice. Such situations decrease your kid’s confidence.

I am very sure something would be there in your list which I missed here. So, I request you to act like a good reader and post that missed topic in the comment box.
Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family.

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