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10 Interesting facts to identify a toxic neighbor

people6“Hi NIsha how are you? I know you would be happy because you have a son, ” I was really shocked after her second line. I would be happy because I am having a son as my baby. I mean for a mother, what matters is having a baby neither son or daughter. Every baby is different, so the responsibilities. We can’t judge happiness with such labels.
She is my neighbor and after spending few days in my new apartment, I come to know that she is the judgmental one.
We all live with different types of people around us. It’s really tough to identify toxic people, they not only harm themselves, but affect our inner peace also.

Here we go with 10 different signs of toxic people.

  1. Not ready to listen

    They will speak what they want without any pause. Even they will not wait for your reply. If start speaking something they will keep interrupting you until you stop.
  2. Come with high level of negativity

    Oh my God! One of my neighbors, Mr Q always enters with some sad news. When he does not have anything to tell, then he comment some negative lines about my interiors or anything else. I think his only aim is to take my smile off my face.
  3. Want to control your life 

    They want to control your decisions and freak out if you don’t obey them. They don’t want you to think about another perspective or go with your view towards the life.
  4. Judgmental

    Like the above lady, Mrs B. They don’t wait for an explanation to make an overview, they just think it themselves with less data in their mind. Due to poor listening habit and lack of patience they come to a conclusion.
  5. Pretend like they are the victims

    No one did good with them means such people always blame others for whatever happening in their life. They always come with a problem. If one goes they can search for another one.
  6. They are always right
    Mostly they are arrogant means, according to them, they are always right and if they are not, then they speak lies to make it true.
  7. Nothing can make them happy

    Such people are desirous means jealous of what you have and why they don’t own this. Never satisfied with what they own.
  8. Selfish

    They want you to be involved in their every deed with complete effort and without any expectation. In fact, it’s good if you can help them without taking oxygen inside their house.
  9. Non stop news channel

    They can tell you about everything going on in the near locality. With huge gossiping capabilities they explain you the future, past or present of any family in the society.
  10. Merciless

    They can ruin your day with a single sentence. Without thinking about your plans and life they just meet randomly somewhere and utter whatever they want without thinking pros and cons.

We are also somebody’s neighbor, so first try to overcome your bad habits which can turn you into a toxic person. Also, if you find some people with these habits, it does not mean you need to leave that person just learn a few techniques to handle such people.




  1. Hahah author when she come again give her a hug with quote get well soon .present some chilly for mouth refreshment..😜


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