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11 Secrets why companies avoid hiring fresher candidate you need to know

Time when I passed my masters and started looking for a job I have gone through many companies where fresher candidates were banned.
Here fresher candidate means college pass out having no industrial experience. Many companies avoid hiring fresher candidates.
An employee is an asset to any firm, they invest on candidates for their training and all to turn them a working employee. Most of us often come to such situation where we want to work in big firms, but they don’t allow us to do the same.
Here we go with 11 strong reasons why any company doesn’t hire fresher candidates.

  1. Training Cost
    Hiring a new employee for any role is a primary task. A person needs proper training for working on a specific project. Sometimes it takes a few days or weeks for a person to start working as all other older employees. A person learns work culture and get familiar with things and people of the new company. It all takes more cost and effort to train a fresher in comparison of an experienced candidate.
  2. Lack of industrial experience
    A college pass out doesn’t know how industries work and how they handle run time problems.
  3. Less communication skills
    In college days most of us talk very casually and never use those heavy words to refer someone. It’s a tough job for every fresher to type all those mail replies in starting month of joining a firm.
  4. Casual attitude
    “I am not feeling well unable to join office today”, most of the time fresher candidates send such messages to their bosses. On festival they expect more vacations than senior employees as they used to do in college days.
  5. Immature
    Experienced person knows how to tackle business issues without losing patience. In companies while working in a team sometimes we stuck in some arguments, but we are not supposed to use abusive language.
  6. Less stable
    As a fresher we chase different jobs and often compromise with roles and responsibilities. But after getting some experience, it’s become easy for us to get our desired job with some hard work. Such situations make fresher candidates less stable.
  7. Non passionate
    Always opt to follow your passion, we all know that, but in case where we need money we compromise with the type of work. Like I might love writing, but unable to earn money through it so started teaching for some time. We can trace such people anywhere, if a person is not dedicated towards a job it shows, that person is not passionate for that work.
  8. Low presentation skills
    comp6A good presentation skills always required for any employee. A perfect presentation needs a balance of experience and knowledge with a vision.
  9. Huge number
    Every year Lakhs of students complete their studies and start competing for different jobs. Its bit difficult to test a huge number of candidates so companies don’t prefer to invest in testing fresher candidates.
  10. Less Punctual
    Changing habits and attitude suddenly has been difficult for students. So companies find them less punctual in starting.
  11. Lack of confidence
    Confidence comes with a blend of knowledge and experience both. Only knowledge is not very effective while dealing with run time scenarios and practical problems. So companies find fresher candidate less confidant for dealing with problems.

These are a few things most companies consider while hiring. One more thing I want you to be clear that how much experience is required for a role is decided by the higher management or project heads not by HR people.
Even if you are a fresher still you can get a job, because not every company follows this condition of hiring experienced people always.
Things you can do to get a job even you don’t have any industry experience.

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