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Try 12 Amazing drinks to beat the heat and lose weight at the same time

The days are hotter and longer now!! Summers don’t allow us to spend a long time in the kitchen and cook several dishes.
This is the best time to lose the excess fat from your body and release toxins. It’s time to clean your system and improve your metabolism.
I find myself more comfortable in drinking fluids in summers rather than eating solids. Liquids help to boost our metabolism and at the same time drinks also help us to feel fuller. 
We are here with the really awesome drink you can try these summers to beat the heat and lose weight also.

  1. Jaljeera

    Add some water and jaljeera powder and drink it anytime.

  2. Aam panna 


  3. Green tea


  4. Coconut water

    I prefer to drink it first thing in the morning.

  5. Ginger tea

    Add some ginger in water and boil it for a few minutes. Strain it and add some honey in it and drink it any time. You can also use these tea bags.

  6. Sattu

    Add some cold water, black salt, lemon and enjoy this lovely drink whenever you feel hungry.

  7. Coffee

    Either cold or hot it always does magic to your health and mood.

  8. Water
  9. Chaas/Buttermilk

  10. Black tea

  11. Shikanji

  12. Watermelon

These were few tried and tested drinks everyone must try.
Also share what you try to beat the heat this summer.
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