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Happy mother’s day: 15 Things only a mother does for us

Everyone who is born, must be thankful to your mother. This mother’s day, let’s think about the things our lovely moms have done for us. Thank them for making you what you are today. Show some gratitude to her for nurturing you like no one else can do in the world. No one can carry you for such a long duration like your mom has done.
Respect your mother and stay blessed 

Team Widevisions┬áis thanking every woman for taking such a strong challenge in life and become a mother. Let’s discuss few things only our mom did for us from very childhood without complains.

  1. mum4
    This is our lovely mother who clean and organize house for us so that we can create a mess again.
  2. motherd14
    This is our lovely┬ámother who takes care of us when we are not able to do anything for ourselves and even we can’t thank her for a while.
  3. motherd4
    This is our lovely mother who corrects us every time selflessly for the sake of our future and behavior.
  4. motherd5
    This is our lovely mother who is available for us 24*7 without any appointments.
  5. motherd6
    This is our lovely mother who can handle all my siblings with equal love and affection.
  6. motherd8
    This is our lovely mother who is the mine of patience and love.
  7. motherd9
    This is our lovely mother who can solve any of my problem in seconds. At least she supports me emotionally that I can handle any situation strongly.
  8. motherd10
    This is our lovely mother who knows about all my needs without speaking a single word.
  9. motherd7
    This is our lovely mother who can do any work holding me in her hand.
  10. motherd11
    This is mom, who got tired after doing hundreds of things from morning to evening and says “my baby’s smile help me to lose all my tiredness and I am feeling rejuvenated again”.
  11. motherd12
    This is our lovely mother who can neglect any health issue to cook food for her baby or can manage to feed her baby in any situation.
  12. motherd13
    This is our lovely mother who can spoil her physique and figure just to give us birth, even she found those stretch marks most beautiful lines.
  13. motherd2
    This is our lovely mother who can spend the whole night sleepless just to make us sleep better even after a few minutes of our birth.
  14. motherd1
    This is our lovely mother who can face anything just to protect us.
  15. motherd3This is our lovely┬ámother who prays for our betterment always, even if we don’t thank her for anything.

These were few things which I noticed, but, the list is endless and we all have different wonderful experiences. If you really want to do something amazing for your mother then, just thank her for giving birth to you.
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Share this post with everyone you love and want them to respect their mom.
Comment what you think your mother can do only for you in this world.
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