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7 Ways You Can LEARN any LANGUAGE Faster While Spending Less

Everything was done, but Riya was not offered the job just because she was unable to speak french, even not shown any interest in learning the language in coming future.
People who often travel around the world for different purposes need to converse with different people. In such situations it is a great benefit if you know many languages.

I was scrolling some general knowledge sites and come to know about people who own a world record of knowing many languages. People who command many languages called POLYGOTS.
Team Widevisions is here with some awesome hacks which you can use to learn many languages.

  1. Speak Speak and Speak

    Speaking helps to improve your confidence and vocabulary both. Try to speak in front of a mirror or in front of people who knows the language better than you.
  2. Give some time for the grammar also

    Knowing grammar helps you to communicate better and a makes you more understandable.
  3. Read story books and novels

    Story books contain short sentences for better conversation. In stories we can get multiple characters in multiple time slots and places, all these help you learn more meaningful words.

  4. Add translator apps in your phone

    Whenever you see new words just translate it to your known language, this way you can learn many new words in less time.
  5. Write a basic script for regular conversations

    There are very a few and same lines we use daily when we meet someone. I prefer to write these sentences in the new language which I am learning. This way you get used to about all these sentences.
  6. Watch movies with subtitles of your known languages

    Watching movies with subtitles helps you to learn the language early, as you understand expression easily and text written per scene add some new words in your vocabulary. It also encourages you to think in the new language.
  7. Don’t hesitate for mistakes

    Mistakes improves us, don’t just believe this sentence, experience it. Try to communicate either you are confident or not.

These were some hacks you can try and learn any new language in less time.
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