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We hardly NOTICE, 16 Signs that shows we are addicted to our phone

I am a travel freak person. While travelling I enjoy watching outside my window does not matter either I am in train, car or in an airplane.
Since last few years I find myself  surrounded by heads who are continuously watching their phones. None of the journey is considered complete without updating it on Facebook or Instagram. But do we really enjoy that most awaited journey completely? I think “NO”, we always think about taking pictures for uploading it on social media. If we are not thinking about clicking pictures that time we watch videos and movies on our phone.
It’s a slow process which we never notice how we start using our phone for checking a notification and spend our quality hours scrolling through our screen.
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After thinking and noticing few days I have listed down below signs which shows we are addicted to our phone.

  1. You have plenty of applications for everything like for ordering food, for booking tickets etc.
  2. You never get tired of scrolling your screen.
  3. You are always worried about charging your phone neglecting your hunger
  4. You can stay awake whole night with your phone.
  5. You respond to every notification
  6. You always delay tasks because of your phone
  7. You are most active among your friends on social networks
  8. You often feel headache and anxiety
  9. If you have nothing to do, you grab your phone.
  10. You always notice redness in your eyes after spending few hours on the phone
  11. You are dealing with low immune system and pain in ear drums.
  12. You miss conversations while talking in a group.
  13. You find yourself unable to sleep because of different notifications and alerts.
  14. Your physical activities have been minimized comparatively.
  15. You have started feeling neck and back pain because of below posture.
  16. You can eat extra food anytime watching your phone

Technology is always meant for human ease and comfort, but we make it destructive for ourself. There are plenty of ways which we can use to override this addiction. Remember a time when phones were not there. I am not saying to abandon your phone.
Just try to practice below few things and see the difference.

  • Walk when you talk and use headsets/ earphones.
  • Drink plenty of water and blink your eyes while watching phone screens continuously.
  • Take short breaks away from your phone during the whole day.
  • Keep your phone away while sleeping.
  • Put your phone on airplane mode when not in use.

These were few things you can start with.

Share this post with your dear ones. Also, let us know what precautions you take daily to make yourself safe from harmful radiations.

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