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9 Major Reasons “Why students are more stressed nowadays?”

It was a day before when I heard a sad news that a student lost his life due to cardiac arrest. I was really shocked to hear that he was only 10 years old. I mean is this the right age for sudden death due to stress. Next question, which came in my mind was “what is causing stress in these sparkling eyes of kids and youngsters”.
After analyzing and comparing lifestyle of different students with different schedule, I come to know various major stress boosters among students.

  1. Competition
    In this competitive world, everyone is chasing someone else to win the race. The day we start our schooling this chase gets started. Getting first rank in every test and exam is the main target for every student and parents. It is not possible for every kid to win the race there will be a single winner for each competition.
  2. Too much workload
    Many kids are blessed that they can handle more than one activity at the same time time easily. Every parent wants their kid to perform best in every activity which is not possible. We all have different qualities and interests that encourage us to do things in life.
  3. Lack of sleep
    Due to different activities and academics, many students find themselves unable to sleep properly. A sound sleep is very essential for our brain to function properly and it helps us to deal with stress effectively.
  4. Multitasking
    Either its studies or extra curricular activities we all have to give some time for that. If we will continue to do multiple tasks at the same time it will always hamper our body mentally and physically both.
  5. Pressure
    I have realized that most of the tasks we do just because of peer pressure of society and family. Like “What people will say” force us to do different tasks which we don’t want to do ever.
  6. Sudden changes in lifestyle
    Two days extra class, then seminars, after that different function to be held in school. All these make us tired Physically sometimes which is never beneficial for our body and brain.
  7. Poor time management
    We all have equal hours, but some people manage this time very effectively and utilize every second of life. If we fail to manage our working hours efficiently then we can’t get our work done on time.
  8. Academics
    Nowadays kids have a lot of text to read in less time. I have seen many students reading topics from their books, then they study same topic online. Yes! This way is very effective in getting deep knowledge about any topic, but causes more stress if  we start the same process with every topic.
  9. Same/Less interesting syllabus
    Till a certain age, we all have to study same syllabus. Most of us don’t love every subject equally.

These were a few common causes, which we all must read and think about all.

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