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Helpful things, Teachers and parents can do to reduce stress among students

I would like to share something which should not be neglected while talking about students and studies.

Earlier extra curricular activities were very limited in schools. So most of the talented kids were forced to do studies only up to¬†class 10th and 12th. If I compare my school time with today’s schooling if a kid is very good in singing or dancing there were very less opportunity for their talent. In fact parents used to ask them to complete their basic education first, then think about their hobbies. Nowadays every student is getting a chance to enhance their talent and choosing their hobbies as a career.

A few things which guardians/parents can do for reducing stress among their kids-

  1. Talk to them, it is very essential. Nourish your relationship in such a way that your kid never hide anything from you. We all posses different likes and dislikes at different stages. So, never react too harshly to something, as it could make you an enemy of your kid. For example, at some age, we like long hairs and at some point of time we love to cut them short. In such situations I have seen some parent behaving too rude to their kids. Which is not needed I think, for such things we should let them choose until unless it is not related to their health.
  2. Make them free for selection of their extra curricular activities. Maybe dancing could be a good career nowadays, but my kid loves painting. So just because I want her to be a good dancer and she loves painting, she is doing both the classes. Which is not good for her in any way. She is dealing with the extra pressure. Not only this she is not leaving the painting because she loves to do that, so she is okay with both.
  3. Money is not everything in this world. Teaching your kids is very essential so that they can gain knowledge and turn this knowledge into wisdom. Money can be earned in multiple ways, but earning moral values are  far more important.
  4. Enhance peace and love in¬†your home. Positive vibes in¬†your house encourage your kids to do studies and learn new things quickly. Asking kids to behave in a certain ways never works if you don’t¬†show the same in your behavior.

A few things which teachers can do for reducing stress among their students-

  1. Do not compare students in your class. It is good that you give an example of bright students in your class, which could motivate many students, but it could demotivate  most of them at the same time.
  2. Organized syllabus is a¬†very important factor¬†for on time completion of lectures and assessments. Teachers make sure that they divide their complete syllabus in such a way that students don’t¬†feel burdened in a¬†last few days of exams. Teachers can motivate and help students who find themselves slow in learning and understanding concepts.
  3. Reduce extracurricular activities and projects. It is best¬†that students learn easily by doing projects and doing practical implementations. But teachers must make sure that it should be done if it is really time and cost effective for students. If you can teach that simple concept in a 30 minute¬†lecture, then don’t¬†ask students to make huge chart papers for that spending several hours of their studies.

Help these young fellows to grow and learn without ruining their roots.

Also share this post with your¬†friends and family and let us know how you deal with your kid’s stress.

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