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Does internet accessibility really assure success for students?

“Internet is not working and I have nothing to do.” These are common lines among most of us daily. 
We all feel handicapped if internet is not working. I know many people who can spend a whole day without doing anything except watching their phone or laptop screens. Amazed what they do? Let me tell you

  • They start by searching something and end up watching videos online.
  • The social network is, breaking the relationships more in comparison of bonding them.
  • Students think making videos on different applications is the best earning profession.
  • Students show lack of interest in hard books in comparison of online study material.
  • People admire internet sensations and artists and try to copy them all the time, which distract them from their aim.
  • There are plenty of things on the internet that can distract a student in few seconds and they will waste their quality time with all that shit.

Without explaining much about what to do and what not, let’s first go through some really,  important facts about usage of internet for students.

  1. More Knowledge
    Multiple solution of single problem allows us to learn new techniques.
    We get confused due to multiple solution and it is also quite difficult to remember all the solutions.
  2. Online learning
    We can start anytime, anywhere with minimal expenses.
    I do not find anything wrong in this until we concentrate on studies only.
  3. Quick Solution for every problem
    We just ask question and it gives us solution within a second.
    We are totally dependant on the internet,  for every solution, we don’t try to solve the question by using our own mind. We block our ability to think with this approach. During studies, it is very essential to think about the problem more and more and then find a solution.
  4. Virtual World
    It is okay if we do not have humans in our home for debate and discussions we are studying online so we can have virtual friends
    When we spend more time on the internet we start living in a virtual world. People with a huge fan following often get depressed if they find themselves isolated in the virtual world at any stage of life.
  5. Security
    We can save our data and research in our drive and access it from anywhere with secured passwords whenever required.
    We all know that whenever we upload any data on the internet it can be seen by many others, especially hackers who are always working for data theft.
  6. Learning process
    Internet is good for reading anything and getting different perspectives.
    It’s an old technique, if we need to remember something for a longer period of time, then write it multiple times in your notebook. Simplest way to learn anything in your life, try it.

I know, many of us will agree with above lines and most of us will disagree. Let us know by your comments, what you think about usage of internet among students and kids.

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