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6 Secret Ways to save your life from influence of toxic people

After reading my post 10 Interesting facts to identify a toxic neighbor   many of my friends asked me how to deal with such people.
I know you are well aware of types of toxic people now. Such people drain your positivity and energy.
We all want positive, loving and caring people in our lives. 
Days are passing and no one wants to waste their precious time in talking and dealing with toxic people. But after all the effort we fail to avoid toxic people in our life.
In this post you will go through some amazing ideas to handle negative people who waste your time and spoil your mood.

  1. Learn to say NO!
    Don’t get rude while denying someone for anything. People asking you for any favor never prepare themselves for a “NO”. So always be ready with a proper reason before saying “NO”.
  2. Avoid acting like a punching bag
    Don’t treat others like they are treating you. If you want to change others, then first try to change yourself. Behaving like toxic people will spoil your personality.
  3. Stay Calm
    Try to maintain your inner peace while talking to toxic neighbors. I have learnt this from my mother, she is very popular among her friends and family. I realized after a few years of 
  4. Avoid Negativity
    People say lots of things in front of you, always try to accept only those ideas which is beneficial for you. 
  5. Try to be busy all the time
    Empty-headed devil’s house. So always try to be busy with whatever you want love to do.
  6. Hear and forget
    Listen everything but keep benefits you and forget everything else. 

These are few things which always work. Use these hacks and stay positive and happy in your life.
Always remember sometimes people come and talk to you because they feel alone and need someone in their life to talk. Don’t ignore such people because this is a mental situation and most of us deals with it in some phase of life. Thanks to God that you are not dealing with mental stress. Try to help people who are in stress at the same time without lacking your mental peace.
Try to behave well with everyone and spread happiness.


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