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10 Signs, you have turned your knowledge into wisdom

                                    “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” 
                                                                                                                                  ― Aristotle

Knowing everything is not really worth if you are not capable of applying this into your real life.
Wisdom let you use your knowledge practically and efficiently in your life.
We can easily locate many people who have many educational qualifications and possess too many degrees, still they are not in the category of good people. So, what are the qualities that should be in a person which proves him/her “a person who is having wisdom”.
A few signs which will help you to recognize easily does anyone possess knowledge only or have wisdom too. 

  1. You have meaningful relations
    You have many friends and family, but you don’t find anyone to talk when you really need someone to talk. You are not that much bonded with anyone in your family.
  2. People around you always get hurt from you
    You lose your temperament, very easily and don’t realize what is the exact reply and when to reply.
  3. You manage your work and life very efficiently
    You have so much bookish knowledge, but you don’t know how to implement all this knowledge in your life. For example, you have learned all trigonometry and accounting, but you don’t know how to arrange your cupboard and your expenses.
  4. You find yourself comfortable to express your passion in front of anyone
    Your knowledge is less or more, but you can easily explain your thoughts in front of anyone. You easily make anyone comfortable to talk with you.
  5. You help others without any profit
    Yes! No one should be so dumb to lose all their assets. You know helping others is for your happiness more than the benefit of others.
  6. You focus on meaningful words more than replying at once
    You don not speak much but, when you speak people listen to you carefully. You attract people with your speech and sentences.
  7. You spread happiness
    Because you are happy inside, so you spread love and peace always. In fact, if you are not happy or dealing with bad mood still you don’t say anything to others that could destroy their mood also.
  8. You have enough reasons for the decisions you take
    You analyze every pros and cons before taking any important decision of your life. You can easily explain someone reason behind every decision.
  9. You respect people
    You know respecting others is very important for a long lasting relationship. Every person seeks respect either rich or boor, literate or illiterate. So give respect and make them feel special.
  10. You have wrongly made mistakes but, have not committed crime
    You have moral values and you know how to handle your emotions so that they do not convert into crime. 

Guys, if you think for a while, try to understand that,
Knowledgemeans knowing what to do and what to say
Wisdommeans knowing when to do and when to say

Spread happiness and love.
Be positive think positive.
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