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Are you A Victim of Your Own anger?

Are you a kind of person who,
“Quickly answer every question asked while an argument.”

“Don’t hesitate to show anger in front of anyone either they like it or not.”

” Is unable to control my anger and also I when I get angry I forget to whom I am talking.”

These are a few signs which shows you have a bad temperament which should be cured as early as possible.

This tendency never allows us to strengthen our relationships. Although after a bad discussion and spoiled mood, we realize that we overreacted.

How this reaction could be diverted or stopped so that it will not spoil my relationships and most importantly my health.

Team Widevisions met with several short tempered people and believe me almost all of them want to change their habits.

Some hacks which could let you control your temperament in a bad situation.

  1. Deep breath
    It works for me very well. I try “inhale-wait-exhale”. Most important thing is your breathing should be deep.
  2. Count before you speak
    It is all your wish if you are willing to heat up the argument or stop it. Whenever you feel that situation is going out of your hand and you are unable to stop the person who is arguing with you, then count up to 5 or 10 then reply.
  3. Drink some water
    If you are dealing with too much anger, then drink some water, as water helps you to remove toxins from your body and also helps you to stay stress free.
  4. Think about the consequences
    Do we really get that much time if we are in anger? Most of us will answer “No, not at all” because we think about replying first, the consequences will be seen later. It’s difficult, but we should think about the results before replying anything.
  5. Does your relationship really matter more than expressing your anger?
    I really try to think about my relationship with the person before expressing my anger. For example same reply differs with my mother and my mother in law.
  6. Walk alone to reduce aggression
    Walking alone helps you to think more about your discussions. Once I caught in an argument with one of my friend, her mom came and I left her house. Till the evening I spent few hours thinking about all pros and cons and come to the result that the discussion was useless. We were angry at worthless things, so I called her and everything got managed.
  7. Don’t get abusive any situation
    If you said something which contains non respective words for the other person then it could make the situation worse.

Read it whenever you feel very angry. I hope these lines will help you to reduce your anger in a very bad situation. Showing your emotions is good for your health, but don’t let them break your relationships. It’s a fact that you need happy faces around you to be healthy and happy always in your life. Work on your anger management and also help others to calm down soon.

Spread happiness and positivity in life.
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