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11 Lifestyle mistakes we realize only after it’s too late

Most of us find ourselves unsatisfied with our present life. We all know that every opportunity doesn’t last forever for us. We all have to make strong decisions at different stages of life. Sometimes we feel that the pace of life has slowed down or stopped, as if nothing new is happening in life. At this stage it is really tough to know what to do and how to start.

Few habits which increase the duration of achieving our aim and should be avoided are-

  1. Over thinking
    Few things in life draw our whole positive energy, thinking more and doing less is one of them. So I never appreciate this habit, although sometimes all of us caught in this situation in life. Try to avoid this situation as much as you can.
  2. Overspending
    Yes! It’s true, we have to buy things for our use and money is meant to be spent. At some point of time, excess spending is bad for our savings. 
  3. Speeding vehicle
    We all know that speeding a vehicle without proper control can end up with an accident. Reading newspaper everyday can aware you about the bad effect of any accident.
  4. Don’t take health issues seriously on time
    A small abscess becomes a canker, if not treated on time, Always remember that the more you take care of your health the less you need to spend on medicines and treatment cost.
  5. Cheating someone
    Some of them feel bad only if the person being cheated, come to know about the truth. Some feel always guilt of cheating someone. While some never feel bad. So before cheating someone, think about what kind of person you are, for your sake.
  6. Giving too much attention to useless things
    One of my friends is not good in acting, singing or dancing neither she wants to continue her career in any of this. Still, she wastes lots of her time watching Tiktok and YouTube videos. Her aim is to be an administrative officer, which need hard work and concentration both. Every day she regrets after wasting few quality hours in watching these applications, which is useless.
  7. Judging everyone else
    “It is really important to focus on your tasks in life” I understood this after wasting a few days of my life. After completing my work I used to notice others how they are doing their work or are they spoiling my work? My mom suggested me to focus on my work and stop judging others, for the peace of my own mind.
  8. Doing everything without any plan
    I believe if we don’t make any plan before a start, chances are high that we will waste time, effort and money all.
  9. Not respecting anyone
    It breaks your healthy relationship with others directly or indirectly. For a long run you need people, around you to help motivate, love and after all, praise you.
  10. Afraid of taking risks in life
    We all face such turns in life when we need to decide one thing among many. I suggest don’t take too much time for deciding what to do. 7 Improved and proven ways of decision making
  11. Not spending time with our dear ones
    No matter how busy you are, you must make time for your loved ones. When they are not with you, then you miss them.

“It’s never too late if you are on the right path”. So don’t waste your time and energy thinking about the results.
Comment your thoughts about life and how you managed to succeed in life leaving everything behind.
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