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Why I selected a small firm over a big one to start my career?

You can find many successful people around the web who started their career with a group of 4-5 or less people. So, they are live examples which show success does not depend on the size of your team. It’s all about hard work and your skills.
This post is relevant for all those young friends who are going to start their career. Life changes drastically when we jump from a college to an office.
When a few of my friends got placed in big firms and I was not, first thing which clicked in my mind was what should I chose
                                  ““Big Pond small fish or Small pond big fish”” 

In this post I will discuss about a few things which we mostly miss while choosing between offer letters. 

  1. You get lots of things to learn in a single place.
    When I was in my first firm, I used to handle coding, database and sometimes networking also. So you get a chance to learn multiple things at a single place. Experiences always help to shine you better.
  2. Direct interaction with clients
    After a few months of job I used to receive calls from our software clients in  the absence of my managers.
  3. Many Challenges in a single day
    You need not to wait for new things to do, they are always on your bucket list.
  4. More recognition and rewards
    Just because you handle many things, it’s been easy to get recognized in a small firm.
  5. Fresh ideas always welcomed
    No one is there to stop you. If you are a team of 4 to 5 people your ideas always get a chance to be tried and tested. So you think more and more and get new experiences every day.

It was completely based on my experience. Let me know about yours.
Share this post with all of them who are still unable to decide what to choose.
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Stay positive and spread happiness 🙂

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