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Protect yourself and your family from smog with these life saving hacks

If you live in Delhi NCR (India), you will be aware of condition of air pollution. It became so difficult to take a deep breath between October to December. There are several factors behind this situation, we cannot stop those factors alone.  But we can prevent some amount of pollution we take towards our lungs while breathing.

Go through these helpful hacks for a better health of your family.

  1. Plant aloe Vera and money plant indoor and outdoor.

    These plants are the best air purifiers. Most important, they do not take so much time and effort to grow. You can use a small space or hang them anywhere inside your house.
  2. Avoid outdoor activities as much as possible.
    Daily shopping needs can be substituted by online shopping. In case you go outside use good mask.
  3. Skip outdoor morning walk and cardio exercises.
    Try to avoid outdoor exercises and sports as much as possible. While sports activities we breathe heavily, which ends to inhale more polluted air.
  4. Eat healthy
    This is the basic need for a healthy body. So avoid junk food, eat healthy food. Add Jaggery in your food, this helps you to purify dust from your lungs.
  5. Drink plenty of water and fluids.

    Add more fluids in your daily routine as this will help you to remove toxins from your body.

With these hacks you can avoid some amount of polluted air you inhale. 
Stay healthy and safe.

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