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Are you making these 5 silly mistakes while shopping in supermarkets?

Due to need or due to passing our time in the weekend we all go to supermarkets. Sometimes spending some money in malls boost your mood.
After spending huge bucks and time both in supermarkets I have some brilliant facts which will help you to spend less in the future.

  1. Not making lists before leaving for shopping
    We enter in the store take a basket and start putting things in our trolleys without thinking much as people are moving in the same direction.
    Solution of the problem- Always make a list before of items you actually need to buy for your house. Most important also write quantity of each item.

  2. Purchasing everything with a tag “Buy 1 Get 1”
    I have noticed that mostly perfumes, tissue papers, toilet rolls, refined oils are placed in buy 1 get 1 shelves. We reach there and start taking things in our basket.
    Solution of the problem- Think before buying such products. Check quality of that product and ask yourself” if you can use the same product for this longer period”. 
  3. Not reading expiring date carefully
    We buy 2 to 3 products in combo. Sellers always put 2 to 3 products in combo if you read carefully, 1 of the 3 product’s expiring date is nearby.
    Solution of the problem- 
    Before buying any combo read expiring date of every packed stuff.
  4. A purchase just before last payment
    Most of the time small stuff which doesn’t require actually, but can buy are placed near billing counters. For example coffee mugs, cells, perfumes.
    Solution of the problem-
    Don’t buy this until you desperately need them, stick to your budget.
  5. Buying without any trial
    You buy stuff  without taking a proper trial of the product. Don’t go for the product just after seeing the size because the sizes of different brands and clothes can differ in fitting. For example a medium sized shirt can be different from a medium sized pants.
    Solution of the problem-
    Before purchasing anything  for yourself, take a proper trial.

I hope my experience will help you all. You will also get benefitted from these wonderful.
I suggest keeping a track of whatever you buy in supermarkets and don’t repeat these mistakes in future.

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