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Are you spoiling your first impression in front of your guests?

No one wants to make their guests feel uncomfortable,  intentionally. Sometimes due to lots of things to be done in a queue we find ourselves unable to do things properly.  Although you can’t satisfy everyone at the same time. I prefer to settle down all those things first which will be needed after the arrival of guests. Then, if I get some time remaining, I arrange things like cupboards, racks which is visible from outside.
It depends on the people coming to your place, what things are essential for them.
But few things which should not be missed, in any case, are discussed here.

  1. Narrow/dirty entrance
    We all love indoor plants and statues in our house. But it differs from place to place like sometimes we get wide and big corridors. We all have different entrance so the space also differs
    Solution– I suggest if don’t have enough space for putting plants and statues in at the entrance of the house, hang them elsewhere.  If we put less items at the entrance it becomes easy to clean that place.
  2. Smelly house
    Sometimes foods get fried, but the smell of oil becomes soaked inside the air of the house so well that anyone can notice it while entering inside the house.
    Solution– Always check your home for seepage if it exists, then, try to fix it asap. Also, never forget to spray some room freshener before guests arrive at your place.
  3. Dirty washrooms
    Everyone has their own choices, but, clean washrooms have always helped you to stay healthy for a longer time.
    SolutionClean them always.
  4. Poor lighting
    A good lighting always enhances the mood of your and your fellows good, while talking and spending time with each other.
    Solution– Open curtains if sunlight comes through your windows if not, then place proper bulbs for good lighting.
  5. Non active hosts
    If you reach somewhere and you find a host who doesn’t bother to welcome you with a smile. Not only this your host doesn’t ask you about your wellness and health them you will never feel good.
    Ask to your host first if they are free and happy enough to welcome you.

These all things works for me, so I shared it with you.
Hope you will find some points you can correlate with you. Share this post with your friends and family.
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