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Is your password secure enough not to be cracked?

Hackers use a hit and trial session initially to hack your password. They use your personal information and try with different patters. So if you are using your date of birth and name in your password I must tell you it can be cracked easily by hackers in seconds. We think anything else can be hard to memorize.
You do not need to own a technical degree for making your password secure. All you need is some common sense and logical approach. See, you have to make a 8 to 20 character pattern in such a way that it could not be guessed easily.
Please go through some simple approaches which will help you to make your password  more secure and strong.

  1. Combinations
    Avoid using  a sequential series like “XYZ”, “1234”. You can use numbers, alphanumeric characters and alphabets in a typical sequence.
  2. Phrase/Sentence is a good idea
    Use phrase instead of using words in your password like “It is really awesome password in 2018′ instead of using “password2018”.
  3. Space and special characters
    Use space in your password to make it more secure. You can replace ‘s’ with ‘$’ in your password.
  4. Don’t Save in the browser
    Avoid saving your username and password in your browser.
  5. Length
    You password length should be greater than 7 characters. At the same time it must be easily memorable. A lengthy password can be tough to be cracked.

These were few easy methods you can use to make your password more secure and tough to be guessed.
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